HELP: ANYONE!!! - CHEST SYMPTOMS (fms/allergies/sjogren's)

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    What a mess, any test I have done recently comes up positive with yet new findings. Bone density revealed osteopenia (mom suffered terribly with osteoporosis,have been working hard for 20 years taking calcium and weight bearing exercises--like depositing money in the bank)but had lost 11% of bone mass in these past two years. Now taking Fosamax.

    Had sudden severe chest pain a month ago, thought I had pulled a muscle as I had been playing with grandson. On a chest x-ray, my lungs were "emphysematous" and I had "pleural thickening." Had methacholine challenge test, proved positive for "asthma." There is NO respiratory illnesses in my family history. The tech who ran the test said my allergies would be the suspected culprit.

    My internist cannot attribute the chest pain to the asthma findings, says the pain pattern is very atypical for asthma. He is trying to get me in sooner to the pulmonologist.

    After the pulmonary function testing, the tech gave me a breathing treatment which helped with the tightness and pressure feeling HE induced in doing the testing. However, the inhaler which is now prescribed with the same medication, Albuterol, is not helping the pain which is not exactly similar to the testing-induced pain.

    Some of the pain is probably due to FMS, doctor also mentioned costchondritis.

    HOWEVER, I did a search on Sjogren's and lung and came up with a connection for "bronchiolar obstruction with resultant air trapping" which probably could be read as "emphysematous" by a radiologist.

    Told to discontinued the Fosamax, doctor is questioning gastric problems also and Fosamax can irritate that, also put on Prevacid (without benefit). Cardiac problems were ruled out.

    HAS ANYONE GONE THROUGH THIS??? The pain hurts all along the underpart of my entire rib cage left and right and centrally through to my back then spans out in my back. I have been keeping up with relaxing with stretching all chest muscles/fascia so they don't clamp down and make matters worse.

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    I didn't come bearing answers, June, but I did want to remind you that CFS does often include chest-type pain. This is NOT a suggestion to disregard your pain, however, and I'm assuming you're too smart to do that. Remember, too, that stress can cause all sorts of problems in our body. (What an understatment, right??)

    Does moist heat help at all? Are you taking anything for anxiety? What does your doctor suggest?

    Hang in there. The folks who know more about this will be along tomorrow.

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    Moist heat does help. Have been using that, doctor recommended Tylenol every eight hours.

    Gallstones, well that should be ruled out right, he didn't mention that.

    Thanks for the help,
    Fondly, June
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    Bumping for Catnip and also hoping others reply. Thanks, June
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    Hi June,

    Please, please try to relax. I hate to say it but you sound very worried, and although for very good reasons, you may need to start accepting that the chest pains may be fibro related and nothing else is there. I am speaking from much experience - at 30yrs I was diagnosed with Fibro & CFS after a year of fighting, interrogating and visiting every GP & specialist I could find - basically to find out what was wrong with me!!!! This caused me considerably more stress and anxiety, which I am sure contributed significantly to the pain factor!!! FRUSTRATED WAS WHAT I WAS BECAUSE I WASN'T GETTING ANSWERS & I WAS BEING TREATED LIKE A FRUITLOOP! I am sure this goes part and parcel with our Rx. I too have suffered with severe chest pain (which was called costochondritis) and this is a persistent symptom. At the moment, I have pains under both ribs and breasts and in my back. Where will the pain be tomorrow??? Probably depends on what muscles I have used (not overused unfortunately). I also tried to diagnose myself with sjrogens, lupus, cancer, and every other autoimmune disorder - which eventually I may have - but bugger that, instead of waiting for it happen, I have decided to start living my life as normally as is practical again (inbetween flares). Sometimes it is the THOUGHT about unknowingly having an undetected life threatening disease that makes us fearful rather than actually having one. I too am not an advocate of many GP's or specialists, but we need to let go of anger towards them, towards ourselves and others, forget blaming someone or something else for having been blessed with this fantastic thing called fibro, and accepting this maybe what lies ahead - days of pain and constant hope. This took me a good two yrs to eventually grieve for my old life and accept my new one - BUT I AM GOING TO START LIVING NOW!!!! I have just gotten sick of worrying!!! It is exhausting and a waste of energy, which needs conserving!!!! I do hope that everything comes back clear for you, and your chest pain eases up and that it is only fibro related. And no, I didn't join the nuns because from the above one would think so - but I hope you can take atleast some of the above with you and help in someway!!!!!!
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    Thank you Sonnet for taking the time for your response!! I was not much older than you, 32-33-34 when I was diagnosed (my rheumy had just taken a seminar introducing the syndrome) I am 57 now. The Sjogren's was diagnosed three plus years ago after undergoing testing including lip biopsy, butI had had it for years prior to that.

    This asthma diagnosis just has me so startled. It seems it came out of no where. Like you have been driving on a highway and you are the ONLY one on this highway and SUDDENLY you are involved in a two car accident. Where the heck did that other car come from? This is why I am asking about Sjogren's and lung conditions as I found it in my research and am wondering if any one else here with Sjogrens or fibro/allergies has unexplained pleural thickening or emphsematous findings on their chest x-ray. In the past, I have been able to loosen up the chest pain/stiffness/problems with stretching over the physioball, water therapy and help from my physical therapists. But this pain is different.

    Thanks again, Fondly, June