HELP! anyone exposed to toxic mold or chemicals what were symptoms, etc

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bobbycat, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. bobbycat

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    If you have been exposed to toxic mold or chemicals what were you symptoms, what kind of doctors did you go to and what helped you. Any information would help. Thanks
  2. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    As I look up mold under seach but any new information would be great.
  3. Jittle

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    well with the hurricane this week and some leaks in my basment we just discovered we may have black mold in the laundry room for years now! Have to call out the bulider to check it out: I am wondering if this is how FM started for me, dont know if it is related or not, but I was not sick before we moved in this house. I will let you know more if it is mold.

    My mom worked in an older office that had mold, She said she always got a headache and had trouble breathing when in the office. Good thing she just moved into a brand new office
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    I moved into a condo in CO where there had been leaks in the shower tiles. I had the shower retiled and when they took it down, the wall came with it. Black toxic mold stretched from stud to stud behind the wall. They had to spray it with a mixture of bleach and water and when that was dry, they put in water-resistant sheetrock. I had been waking up all night long with trouble breathing before I got this fixed. I even developed asthma.

    Exposure to mold almost always includes respiratory problems and can include other symptoms similar to our issues. Exposure to other toxins can be just about anything. We get Red Tide in the Gulf down here. It's a toxic algae and it causes severe respiratory problems and problems with the central nervous system. It kills sealife which washes ashore.

    I can't walk down the detergent aisles in stores without choaking and having trouble breathing. I talked to a man in the doc's office while his girlfriend was in having her Dexascan. She uses the Bounce dryer sheets and he's very allergic to them. I told him about the Free and Sensitive ones which Bounce makes and he was grateful to know about them. I laughed because he said he was so sick with his allergies the other night that he was trying to give himself the Last Rites.

    Love, Mikie
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    You need a qualified mold remediation company and a industrial hygenist to test your air quality make sure the hgygenist is a CIH. If you have a builder come and they discover mold of any kind they need to be qualified or what happened to us will happen to you. The company did not contain the area and exposed the whole house to toxic mold and chemials and it has made me ill. I have been in a hotel since the 16 and should have been in one since the 1. I have gone to two doctors already and I am going to the third next and possibly the fourth. Please do not let them tear anything out without the area being contained and stay out of the the area. Make sure you check the company you hire out closely and watch what you sign. This has been a complete nightmare that does not end. I have two CIH reports saying the home is not safe and the company won't do the cleanup that the last CIH report said has to be done in order for the home to be safe and he also required that another CIH report be completed after the clean up. PLEASE GET QUALIFIED MOLD REMEDIATION PEOPLE IN. I have FMS, asthma but I am having other syptoms that will not go away. I would call out a mold remediation company not a builder unless they are qualified in mold removal. Check references, better buisness burea, their contract prior to sign, ask how they intend to contain the area and what precautions they take, what chemicals they use to get rid of it and ask for the chemical list. I asked for the chemical list prior to them pouring toxic chemicals all over the floor. I sure hope you read this and I hope this helps. Let me know.

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