help! Anyone had trigger point injections? Ouch!!!

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  1. deniset524

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    I went today for the first of my trigger point injections, and am not sure if the pain is worth it...I don't feel any different, thought I did feel a bit better this morning, it has since worn off...I am going to a pain clinic on Saturday morning, and am totally miserable unless I take percoset every 4 hours - and that's a lot of percoset...if you have nothing but a kind thought or words of hope, I would love to hear from you...I need to be able to live a life that's worth living, and I'm headed in the wrong direction...
  2. marta

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    Hi, I read this post because my doctor wants to do these injections for various pains I have and I've resisted. (I should say here that I do not have a lot of FM, "just" CFS and its various aches and pains.) I think I've posted this before (?) but I found that a lot of my pain is associated with DJD and my feet! I went to a podiatrist, got orthotics and the pain all over my body is reduced about 75%.

    I apologize to anyone who suffers with FM because I know that's different, but I wanted to encourage others to consider having their feet checked out before other procedures. I was amazed at how much this has helped me. (Although, being a shoe lover, I hate not being able to wear cool shoes.... Still, if I have to be on my feet for more than a trip from bed to the bathroom, I have my orthotics on and suffer if I don't.)

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    I have had over 200 trp's. I had over 30 at one time with no meds to sedate me. One puntured my lung and collapsed it. I never felt any relief. I just kept getting them because the doctor said they would help. I don't like them. Accupunture is much better! It is a god send for me!

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    I've had injections a few times. Seemed to do some good the first time, but I think I was in a waning cycle anyway. The other two times did nothing. My doctor says they work for most people, but doesn't recommend them again for me.

    Marta... what were your symptoms prior to orthotics? I've had flat feet since I was 14 or so, but my doc says lower back pain is usually the result of flat feet. I do have some lower back pain, but my acute symptoms occur in my neck/shoulders/upper back. I'm curious if I should get fitted for orthotics again. Thanks for your input!
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    I re-read your message and can tell you are discouraged. Be hopeful... you will find something that works for you. Perhaps you are in a flare that will subside soon? Take care of yourself and submerse yourself in something that makes you happy. I find that when I am hurting, I tend to obsess about my pain. I have better "bad" days when I focus on something else. I know it's difficult to do, but I hope you can find some moments of joy within each day. Don't let this thing get the best of you!
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    Reading the posts, I think I may be the only one who gets relief from my pain after TPIs. The initial pain is pretty bad, but I use heat packs on the areas where I was injected. It helps a lot. The injections have been very successful for me; I had pain in my lower shoulder blade for what seemed like an eternity, and now that area is completely pain free. I did have to do a series of injections, and more than once had tears in my eyes. But I have a great doctor who feels really bad hurting me, even though he knows it will be worth it for me later. I do know that the shots do not work for everyone. But I stuck with it, and still get them when I need them. In the meantime, don't give up hope! There are many treatments, both conventional and unconventional, and I am sure you will find something that works for you!

    Warmest wishes,
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    Greetings Denise!

    I get trigger point injections every 4 to 6 weeks. Yes, they are VERY painful, but after the pain wears off (usually after about 24 hrs) I feel GREAT!

    However, I have met other "fibromites" for whom the injections either did not work or made their pain worse.


    Deb :)