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  1. ABCDfamily

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    I know I've been gone a while, I have been very ill. I need some advice please. Please also scroll down to read my last post. I really need some support, I'm very sad and I'm not sure what to do?

    I have CFS with Fibro and still being monitored for Lupus. I have had Strep throat twice now including this past October. This second round has been horriffic and very scary. I've been in the ER twice for choking pain and massve chest pain. They did 1 chest x-ray, 1 throat CAT scan, EKG and 1 throat x-ray. The chest x-ray was normal and the throat scans showed swelling and enlarged lymph nodes. I have been living on pain medication for 5 days and nights now. They sent me home each time saying the swelling was nothing to worry about and that it's normal with Strep. I would have thought this would have passed after the 4th day (the swelling) This has not been a normal strain of Strep.

    Has anyone experienced this kind of pain to include the chest area which they believe is being caused by GERD. I'm praying it's not some blood clot or blockage. Everyone in my family started with heart problems around 35 and I'm right around that age. I'm a bit scared. For those that have Lupus, do you suggest Ibuprofen in high doses to reduce the swelling VS. Perkocet? I know your not DR's but I need some advice or suggestions from those that suffer from what I suffer from since I know you all understand. The perkocet helps my pain a lot more but I know it's not a swelling reducer like Ibuprofen.
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    I kept having horrible chest pains. I had the EKG and stress test..normal.. I had a scope done on my esophogus and yes I have GERD. But what I found out..was that the same pain you get in your legs or back or wherever can be in your rib cage also. My doctor said that most FM patients tend to breathe shallow and lean forward due to pain. She said to try to sit up straight and breathe stretch that area.

    Also...taking antibiotics always makes my pain in the rib cage and chest area worse.
    Be sure to use probiotics after your antibiotics are done.


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    I thought I hadn't seen you around in a while and I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Oh gosh strep throat is the worst. I get it about once a year so I know some of the pain you are in...

    The only chest pain I had with strep throat is from coughing and trying to get that nasty stuff to come up you know?

    Along with antibiotics I use a an old remedy my grandmother taught me.

    It helps break loose all that infection and mucus in your tonsils so you can hack it up (sorry I know it's gross).

    In a glass pour some vinegar 1/4 cup then add some black pepper 1/4 - 1/2 tsp fill glass 3/4 full with the hottest water you can stand to gargle.

    Gargle as much as you can hopefully at least half of the mixture.

    This tastes awful but in 30 minutes to 1 hour your tonsils will break loose so you can spit up the infection inside of them and you will feel so much better (I always do).

    Do not swallow any of the mixture or any of the infection that comes out of your tonsils and continue taking your antibiotics. Of course check with your physician if you feel uncomfortable doing this.

    I have done since I was a teenager and I am 45 now and have had no problems but it is just a suggestion.

    I hope you feel better soon,

    Karen :)
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    Why don't you ask your doctor about some prednisone. I know our doctor has given us prednisone in the past to help the inflammation from bad infections.

    I don't have any idea if you can take it but it won't hurt to ask. If it works, you feel better very fast.
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    Thanks for the message back. I'm on the mend I think. It's my heart now that's breaking. My husband and I just are fighting all the time due to my ilness. In sickness and health they say. Not many plan on sickness. I'm heart broken, devastated and I just don't know what to do. I can't seem to get it right and I can't stand the fighting. I can't help that I have CFS/fibro, God in heaven who would want this and why can't they make me better. Why would anyone want to lose everything and why are people so cruel? I don't want to complain about my husband but he's not the most compassionate man in the world. If my ilness ever gets in the way of his plans he gets very angry and is rarely there for me. Just after getting out of the hospital last week he left two hours later for his out of town golf trip. I was so ill I could not move but he went anyway. I don't know that I'm mad as much as I am hurt and disappointed as I am sure he is too. I want so much to run up and tell him how much I love him and want this to work yet at the same time I'm not sure I want to continue to live in guilt for an illness I can't help but fight everyday.

    If you read my profile, you will see we have only been Married such a short time and I just think it's too much for a new Marrige to handle. I told him tonight that we should sleep on seperate rooms until we see a counselor. I can't take his coldness and annoyance with me any's to painful. Thanks for listening, I just need to cry myself to sleep and I will be better in the morning.
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    Bump.............needing support
  7. pamlamb

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    I/m sorry that you and your husband are having problems. Especially now when you need him most. I have and do experience some of that too. And, I felt some of the most painful heatache I've ever had. We are now in counseling, though its just started, but at least we are going to try. and that thing about for better or worse, and richer or poorer(which we are now too), we have had that one! We've been together 16 yrs, and all of a sudden the 14 good years we had were forgotten, and its a very painful reality comming from the one you love @ trust. Its so hard for them to understand when even we don't understand it some times. One day I fele this over here, the next day its over there, and everwhere! I just try to educate as we go along and hope for the best. Stress is not something to hang onto with this disease. BUt, how do we not? LOL, take care. PJ

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