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    to take time to check these msg. boards, but felt the need to today...
    My Brother and his family will be coming home for furlough from Morrocco this Sunday. (They are missionaries) I am excited, but my other brother(who I do love dearly) sometimes goes "off" making family get togethers difficult for my husband especially. We have been estranged for the last 4 years. (We send b-day and x-mas gifts to each other's families however-go figure) Anyway, my husband is reticent about showing up for the "meet,greet, and eat" reunion upon their arrival. I really want to go, need to go, and don't want to feel like we "can't" anymore to avoid unpleasantness. There will be plenty of other people to talk to. I can't go by myself, as I can't drive (due to Meniere's), nor would I want to anyway. I want to go as a family, and I need prayer for my husband MARK to give him peace to go, and that we don't have additional unnecessary strife because of this whole thing. We have other committments same day, and the mtg. place is a good 30 miles away which makes it easy to blow off, but we really should be there. Obviously I am rambling-I get nervous about this; don't want to get into this w/ Mark-just wanna go. Help! Cindy
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    I posted on your other thread.