Help, breathless, chest pressure, nail bed in thumb turns blue

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kooky, Jul 5, 2003.

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    Hi everyone: yesterday I had the most horrid experience. This breahtless prob has been going on for two weeks on minimal effort!
    Yesterday, I tried walking a few steps away from home towards a little newspaper shop accross the road. I felt very unwell, when I arrived in the shop, I felt pressure in my chest, dizzy, nauseaus and asked for a chair to sit on. The I noticed my nail bed in the left thumb turning blue.

    I called a taxi because I could not stand up and went to A & E at a hospital. Doc did and EKG which came up 'normal'. He said to go to my GP on Monday. Yet the GP knows that I went to hospital for the same problem a few days ago, but did not have the blue nail bed. I sent her the report from the first A & E visit and wrote to her explaining that I was feeling very unwell and was homebound.
    I also asked her if I would be sent to a respiratory specialist or other. Still she has not contacted me!

    Does any one know out there why could the nailbed turned blue in the left thumb? Could it a temporary arterial spasm, or perhaps could it be related to the pulmonary artery or asthma?

    I am quite debilitated and incapacitated. I am a little annoyed that the GP has not contacted me. On the other hand, if I do phone or go to her, she might well be annoyed and stike me off her list..... as this seems to be happening quite a lot to others.

    An echocardiogram revelaed an ejection fraction of ~ 50% which is below normal. Mild MR (am not sure what this means), was told had a little left ventricular dysfunction (not sure what that means), a normal thallium scan four years ago. Abnormal T-Wave flattenings on ECG's several times upon chest pains and nausea. A stress test at sub-optimal level (I could not run very much was too breathless) was fairly normal. Hotler Monitor showed slow pulse or tachycardia up to 150 bpm.

    Was discharged from the Cardiology clinic and told that there is nothing structurally wrong with my heart!

    I was told by the doc yesterday at the hospital that there is no way I could have developed arthesclerosis of the arteries so fast since the tests revealed no gross abnomalities.

    Does anyone have any experience of the above, in particular the nailbed of the left thumb turning blue upon being breathless, chest pressure, constriction and nausea?

    Would be grateful to hear your views on this disturbing new symptom..... Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks. Kooky.
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    You need a holistic doctor so badly....please try to find one!
    Flattened T-waves are classic in certain stages of Fibromyalgia, and can incdicate the presence of a stealth mycoplasma infection.
    I have seen blue nail beds on persons with severe Chronic fatigue syndrome who push themselves. Please look into adrenal insufficiency for an explanation of why this happens.
    Many of us have a Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVPS) and/or Neurally Mediated Hypotension (NMH), and this causes low blood volume with fainting, weakness and sometimes abnormal heart rhythms.
    There are many posts here on adrenal and mycoplasma problems and MVPS and NMH....check in the "search previous posts" slot at the top of the page and do web searchs for more on these.
    The problem is that with very few exceptions, only alternative doctors will test for and treat these things.
    Look under "holistic" in your Yellow Pages. If nothing is there, do a websearch, and if you can't find a doctor near you that way, find the website of Great Smokies Laboratory and send them an e-mail requesting a list of the doctors in your area who use them. They run most of the tests for the problems you are having, and doctors who use them are going to be knowledgable in dealing with these problems.
    You deserve help and you can get it, but probably not from conventional medicine.
    Keep us posted,
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    because I've never had that happen but I have been through those horrific chest pain, dizziness, etc. I have been to the ER so many times for this because it hurt so bad I thought I was going to die of a heart attack. That's probably the scariest symptom I have ever had with FM. I was also given an EKG and it was normal and then some x-rays. The doc told me my esophogus (sp?) was literally having a spasm and he also said that many people who have had heart attacks before, have came in with this same thing because it felt just like they were having another one. He made me drink some kind of chalky stuff that numbed my esophogus and it helped although for a few more weeks I kept getting it over and over. It finally went away...thank goodness! Hope you find some answers.
  4. Dara

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    Tachacardia? I have had Tachacardia for over twenty years now. I take Inderal LA for it and my bpm are down to around the upper 70's. Before being treated my bpm were about as high as yours and I was totally exhausted all the time. As far as the blue fingernails, I always thought that was from not getting enough oxygen. Did they measure your oxygen at the hospital?

  5. Hippen

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    yes i agree, blue fingernails are a sign that one is not getting enough oxygen...see your doctor to have your oxygen levels checked...take care...hippen
  6. donegal

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    I've had the breathlessness, too. It's noticeably better since I began my current supplement regimine. Of course, we have all experienced multiple, shifting symptoms, and I have had a recurrence of this symptom these past several months, although it's nothing like it was in years past. Also, high cholesterol and/or blood pressure are one the many fringe benefits of CFS, so make sure you're okay in those areas.

    But yes, the breathlessness and also for me, slow, shallow breathing, was at one time very, very bad, and very frightening. My husband said my face went completely gray during one episode. I also had normal EKG's, but I couldn't even walk to the mailbox or from room to room without severe breathlessness.

    I have also experienced what I call, for lack of a better term, "heart hiccups" - my heart seems to just bump and thump, but no one can find any problem with my heart!

    I would say check your cholesterol, check your blood pressure, just to be on the safe side, to make sure they're ok. If they're under control, don't freak out when you have these symptoms, since anxiety will only add to the problem. Lie down when you become breathless, and try a relaxation technique.

    And remember: this isn't a fatal disease. After six years with this condition, no matter how bad I get, I know I'm not going to die from it, although, I often feel I will, and I sometimes I wish I would!!
  7. ithaca31

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    Hello Kooky

    My left thumb also turned blue 2 days ago on Tuesday. First the thumb turned blue, then the left palm. I could see the veins were all swollen. Totally weird as the right hand was completely normal. Like you, I have been experiencing some pressure in the chest for about 2 weeks too and nearly passed out over the night. I'm living in the tropics so it's not because of cold weather.

    Can't see to find the same symptoms on the web. If anyone knows what caused it please email Thanks!

    From Louise
  8. lkears11

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    You need a full blood screen. Are you diabetic or have you been tested? The capillaries in the hands are some of the smallest and will be affected first. You should also be checking your BP on a regular basis. It sounds like you had a sudden drop in pressure, causing blood to stop flowing to furthest points i.e hands.
  9. ithaca31

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    Hi Lkears11
    Thanks for your reply. I'm not diabetic and have had normal BP. Was running day before. Could be a clipped blood vessel perhaps. It's strange coz the thumb specifically turned blue.
    With regards