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    So I'm alternating three days with 500 mg of Azithromycin, and two days of Diflucan. After one week, I'm overrun with yeast. I do probiotics. I follow the candida diet. I used diflucan on some of the days I was just supposed to take the azithromycin. I'm in yeast hell.

    I can't take other natural antifungals as they irritate my interstitial cystitis, so what can I do?
    I'm barely taking the amount of antibiotics that the rest of you are.
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    Sorry you are overrun with yeast. The best thing that I did was increase my probiotics.

    What kind are you taking?

    They should be high quality refrigerated probiotics with at least 50 Billion cultures per capsule, and they should contain cultures with names starting with bifido and lacto.

    I started with 1 capsule per day and increased to 2 caps right away. Then I noticed a little thrush and intestinal yeast, so I increased to 4 caps per day ( 2 caps a few hours after my morning dose of antibiotics, and 2 caps 2-3 hrs after my pm antibiotics).

    I have been able to stay at 4 caps daily. I still have some yeast but is has not gotten worse.

    My LLMD told me I could take as many probiiotics as I wanted...even 10 per day (even though that would be very costly!)


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    I've discovered they irritate my ic, so I can only take 1 or 2 caspules a day without causing too much pain, and they do have the amount you have listed.

    10 a day would be expensive!

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I have such issues with My interstitial cystitits now, so I'm trying to find a probiotic I can take. I have been taking them, but they are so irritating. I just used minoxidil for the yeast infection, because I'm still on anti-biotics no cure. I've never heard of iodine douches.

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    so I had to quit lyme meds after 3 days, really!!! I got a yeast infection, diflucan, and minoxydil, no cure after a week. I don't know what to do!
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    I'll tell you what the LL N.D. prescribes:
    Order from Orthomolecular Products -- Candicid and Vascuzyme (if you are acidic). (If your body is more alkaline, switch from Vascuzyme to Arteriozyme from Energique.

    My daughter's Lyme treatment wasn't working because (as the BioMeridian Biofeedback revealed) yeast was blocking cell receptor sites so that she wasn't absorbing nutrients, etc. She had been taking products for yeast for years, so I never imagined that to be the problem! But the N.D. says there are over 300 strains of yeast and you have to cover them all. Candicid covers a large number of strains.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    How does your LLND recommend determining whether your body is more alkaline or acidic?
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    My LLND uses the BioMeridian Biofeedback, which "reads" your energy system and can tell if you are more alkaline or acidic. When I checked with my test strips, it is right!

    I like it that the enzyme products (Vascuzyme or Arteriozyme) eat up the dead candida/debris. Of course, it's nice to get rid of the bloating too.

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    Thanks everyone, but unfortunately as i said, I have interstitial so I have issues taking supplements, herbs, etc.

    So I don't know what to do about Lyme. I can't take antifungals.

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    I tried nYstation for 3 months two years ago on the candida diet. You know what, my yeast numbers went up! Ugh.

    also what is seacure?

    d-mannose did nothing for me unfortunately.
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    thanks, I'll look into the sea cure. See what they use to make it and if I can take it.

    I've done blood tests and stool testing to test my levels of candida at multiple times, before during and after tests, so I can tell medicine wasn't working.
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    I want to tell you to do this and you will feel better ALL around period and FAST.
    Go to Wal Mart and buy their cheap "Olive Leaf"...take several every few hours....
    Not only is Olive lear an anti viral but also an anit fantastic for well as ...its anti fungal... The bible actually calls the Olive Lear..."healing for the nations".
    Thats amazing too. I fell upon this while researching...Olive leaf works FAST!!!
    NEXT:...for that awful vaginal yeasty beasties...DO this asap...for immediate relief!
    A female doc told me this...and yeast infections are gone forever...
    You take a acidolpholis "capsule"...pull apart carefully...put your finger on one open end and shove the capsule up your vagina...instant///instant RELIEF!!!
    Then take that acidolpholis...orally...lots of it....along with Olive Leaf.
    YOU will be amazed at how you feel...and can tolerate the anti biotics...
    One doc even said to take a garlic small cove/peel and put up your will feel the too but your entire body will stink of garlic! works tho.
    BEST to you. Blazer

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    thanks, but I can't tak olive leaf, it's bad for IC.
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    Hi Lisaloo,

    I don't know if you are still having the candida issues or not but I just thought of something. I was reading on and someone mentioned that they have IC and that getting Bicillin shots did not hurt their bladder. I thought of you because I know that you have IC. BUT after reading that I also remembered that I have heard that getting intramuscular shots of antibiotics don't cause the same problems with candida since the antibiotics aren't passing through the gut at all. I don't know if this is actually true or not. Just what I have heard. So maybe getting antibiotic shots rather than orals is something you could try. Sounds like it could possibly work for both your candida and your IC issues.

    Just a thought. Hope you are doing well.

    Take Care,
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    Hi Lisaloo,
    Long before I ever even heard of Lyme, my first symptom was a very severe case of IC. On a scale of 1 to 10, the doctor gave it a 9. I cured myself and I don't say cured lightly with 18 months of acupuncture and chinese herbs.

    However, I believe that crucial to my getting well from IC was keeping my body as alkaline as possible. I gave up all tap water and drank and still only drink Sam's Water that you buy at Walmart. It is one of the most alkaline waters out there.

    In addition, I followed the IC diet and the whole thing with watching herbs and vitamins which got to be so stressful! I know exactly what you're going through!!! One new idea that might work and has been suggested by my LLND (who just diagnosed me with Lyme) is to squeeze the juice of a whole lemon in a cup of water. Lemon is one of the most alkalizing foods out there.

    I just started my antibiotics and this is the first day I've herxed and it wasn't fun. A couple of cups of lemon water helped alot. My LLND says to keep the body alkalized as much as possible. The lyme beasties don't like that environment. Not sure about candida.

    I know the pain of IC can be excruciating but try alkalizing stuff and it might help. Also, someone said that nystantin might help. I've been on that for a few months and I don't think it would irritate the IC. You might want to ask your doctor about that. Hope you start feeling better soon.