Help, cant bare this anymore

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  1. Shazzy

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    Hi all,

    Having a heal of a time again. I felt i was on the mend for about a month around April /May and started to adventure away from my bed and house. Good i thought over the worst after several months of being house bound and bed ridden.

    The anti-depressant i was put on about 3 months ago must be helping, well so i thought. (dothipin 100mg)

    Now my fatigue is unbarable, dizziness unbarable and anxiety is back 12/7 to haunt me and sleeping is hard to drop off and waking inbetween or to early.

    Whats gone wrong?
    What am i to do now?

    I am at present trying to come off diazepam. Got another 6 wks of reducing it.

    Please any suggestions, cant bare this anymore.

  2. Sweetmia

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    Before you decide to leave your job, please see your doctor about trying some different meds. I cannot tell you what a dramatic turnaround my life took when I started on the following meds:
    For sleep--I take 1/4 tablet of Remeron this is about 7.5 mgs. My husband is a physician and he takes this med too for deep, uninterrupted sleep, so you know it is worthwhile--this is the only prescription drug he takes.
    I take 80 mgs of Strattera in the a.m.
    I also take Armour thyroid.
    I take a variety of vitamins--nothing out of the ordinary,
    Eat a balanced diet; exercise.
    I do believe that if you are able to work that it is very helpful. Not to sound like a "Pollyanna" but we had a very inspiring story in our newspaper about a very accomplished cardiologist where I live that while in medical school had open heart surgery. In his 30s he had another heart surgery and suffered a stroke. Had to relearn everything. Has had a total of 3 heart surgeries; liver transplant (had hepatitis C from blood transfusion during heart surgery--destroyed his liver). This man has been tenacious and successful. I think his job had to keep him fighting and living.
    Just try some other meds before you make any drastic changes.
  3. mastersinger

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    Hi!! I know you are very down. I have CFS,FM and Bi-Polar9still going through menapause. I do take my meds religiously every day. Sleep is like have to have it-whether you want to or not-you run into big time trouble!Sun. I ran into some big trouble-had been on a drug called provera by my gynocologist-it truly upset my emotional stability after little sleep.. you don't need the pressure of your 19 yr old-unless she is a special needs child. She needs to be somewhere where she can experience life the way her conscience sees fit. I would think with what I've read from your posts, you have been a loving, Mom, abuilder of values and self-esteem.We have to let go. I have been there. My boys came out great. Are you on an antidepressent? I am on Xanax, Lithium and Tegrotol plus Verapimil-for blood pressure. and vitamins and asthma meds,allergery. Trust God!! He will take care of her and you and help your marriage and your health. I will really keep you in my prayers. Go home and sleep today. You are helping you and your family. Bless you..Mastersinger BIG HUG
  4. tulip922s

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    Hi Shazzy,

    So sorry to hear that you are feeling sooooo bad. I have no real words of wisdom, just wanted you to know that I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best.

    I also think that when we start to experience better health, the crash hurts all that much more and then we beat ourselves up asking WHY?

    Best of luck to you and keep us posted, no need to go through this alone. Tulip