HELP!!- can't sleep because of this!!

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    Does anyone have this happen,because I feel like I am about to go over the deep end because of it.It is hard to explain,but I will just have to explain what it feels like to me.
    I am all relaxed,cuddled up with my hubby watching a movie last night.All of the sudden I start feeling this rush that starts coming up my body till it gets up to my neck,where you can feel your pulse at.I can put my finger on the spot and it is pulsating so fast,its almost a feeling of something pushing through,then it stops.It feels like a rush of adrenelene going through your body.By the time it stops you are in a panic made.This has happened a few times before and I don't know what it is or how to deal with it without getting panicky,which in turn only makes things worse.I have read an article that people with Fibro. do not release stress-hormones like the normal person.There are released inappriately,when we are relaxed and we least expect it.Does anyone know anything about this? Is there anyone that can relate to this?I am at my wits end with this.
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    Sounds like you may be experiencig a panic attack or at least the very beggings of it. I read you other post and this to sounds similiar in many aspects, yes your body could be putting out to much adrenaline and you may need hekp getting it under control with meds, talk to your doctor. In the meantime there are some things that may help. first know that a panic attack cannot hurt you, some people after years of uncontrolled panic attacks do have some physical problesm, but not real common. You may feel like you are losing your mind or going to die but you won't. One trick I have used with others to help them get through a panic attack is deep breathing, put both dfeet on the floor you will feel more grounded and when or if your mind is racing focus on a calming thought and mentally repaet this will pass while breathing slowly in and through your diaphram. This will help to slow down the adrenaline rush and keep your body oxegenated so you don't get the shakes or feel like your going to pass out. If neccessary lay on the floor with your eyes closed and breathe slowly and deeply. Many of us have experienced this and you may want to talk to a counselor as weel they can help you with refocusingyour thoughts which in turn decreases the What if problem that occurs with many panic disorders (secondary anxiety). However I really would check in with the doctor he may prescribe something to take the edge off like Klonopin. Hope this wasn't to much info for you keep us posted. Hugs you will get through this!

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    i also have them. donna39, you might also make sure the mag is agreeing with you, ask your run a blood test to see what your blood levels are and what is too low. kayla27834
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    when your legs are heavy stressed and painful, try a pillow made for between legs, as well as to put your arm around. it take the weight (no mater what we weigh) off the tension of the leg pain. i have pillows ever where to change acording to how i fell. chiro pillow for nect pain when needed. my legs shut down every so often and i drag my self aroung the house, not strong enough to go out to do anything.last summer i felt wonderful, pool exercise and walk theraphy, chiro once a week, wasn't in the house much. take vit b complex, it helps the nerve endings and nueontin three times a digest system flarred up and it hit me in the fm/cfs. kayla27834