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    I am going to have yet another fruitless appt with my doctor today to ask for tests on mycoplasma, etc., to be done but also want to see if she can refer me to the ME Clinic in Essex, UK. However, had a bad day yesterday and just fell into bed, so did not have energy to look amongst pile of papers for address - does anyone have the address and if so, could they send it to me?

    Thanks and hugs

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    I know i am not technically answereing your question here,,,but I am being treated at the London fibromyalgia ad chronic fatigue clinic which is in 'Devonshire street,london'.I don't know if you have heard of this one but they are quite good there. I have been going since October. I hadn't heard of one in Essex though.
    Anyway thought this may be of interest to you as it specialises in fmd/cfs.
    good luck, lou x
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    Here is an address for the CFS Support Group in Essex.. They may be able to give you an address for your clinic.

    M.E. Association (England)
    4 Corringham Road,
    SS17 0AH.
    Tel: 01375 642466
    Fax:01375 360256

    All the best and loads of prayers

    FM Survivor

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    i just wanted to say that i am in england, dependent on the NHS for treatment and very interested in how you get on with tests/help re mycoplama or just how you get on getting any tests done. I've been ill a long time but i think theres more help available now than there used to be. Though i have heard mixed reports of the ME clinic.
    good luck
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    Thanks for your help guys - greatly appreciated. I went to see my doctor yesterday and for the first time I felt that she was taking me seriously. If it hadn't been for everyone on this board and specifically, those people who responded directly to my questions, I wouldn't have had the ammo and info to go in there and sound like I know what I am talking about. She mentioned "fibromyalgia" for the first time ever and is now openly talking about CFS which is a big step. She was always very sweet but humoured me only.

    Found a few things out - the NHS does not test for HHV6 - you need to do this privately. They can test for CMV and mycoplasma (more on this later) but there's not a lot that they can do about these.

    The test for mycoplasma is a chest x-ray and if they pick up any problems on the x-ray they take a bit of gunge from your lungs and test it.

    In the last few months, I have developed really strange tummy symptoms and she confirmed what I thought, that this was IBS.

    I also have (something) allergic dermatitis which is why my face peels and I have what I thought was an ear infection for two years (my ear burns, itches, is sore to touch and gunk comes out of it all the time.

    I am still working and want to stay that way, so have to be careful about what drugs I take. She was happy to discuss alternatives with me rather than just prescribe what she felt was right.

    I am also going for a full internal (cerival smear and also swabs for chlamydia and thrush) - not looking forward to this one.

    I also appear to have thrush in my mouth and mouth ulcers which are due to my depressed immune system.

    It seems like every day something else happens to my body - but I will keep you updated with what I am having done, how and the results.

    Thanks again - your advice and giggles have meant so much to me.