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    I was given the "diagnosis" of CFS over 10 yrs ago. I 've had patches of getting better and each time believed that I was done with being sick. But the cycle continues. At my best I had low stress at work, could fit in light activities, and followed the appropriate diet based on my allergies. I am now realizing that I am not well enough to take on what everyone else my age can and may never be able to. This has hit me with a ton of weight and depression. I am functioning better than I was 10 yrs ago, but by no means am I "living life".

    Does anyone have information on genetic factors that play a role in cfs and if treating these weaknesses can completely reverse cfs symptoms? I am not willing to take drugs prescribed by an MD, this only covers up the underlying issue causing the illness (for me). If there is any world renown ND/MD's that are known as specialists in treatment beyond the finding ways to cope, please share.

    Any help appreciated.
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    Ive been battling cfs for quite some time, as most of the friends I have met that have the illness. One thing to remember is that your symptoms of remission to relapse is the hallmark of cfids. That type of cycle alone hammers on ones emotional stability. Keep in mind that its ok to be upset, its ok to be sad. Its the body's way of going through the relapses. The best thing I could suggest is to read some good books on coping strategies (I know thats probably not what you want to hear). A great book that Ive found is "recovering from cfs" by william collinge.
    Also look at the reality of cfs. There are drs. out there that can assist, but there isnt a smoking gun protocol that will cure cfids. Save your finances for help along your path, but be aware not to dump everything for that possible cure.

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