HELP CMV, EBV, Elevated Liver enztmes, and fatigue

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shyguy453, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. shyguy453

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    I am a 31 y/o male and I have been suffering from elevated liver enzymes since 1999. They now say I have a fatty liver. In 2000 I was diagnosed with CMV (mono) and EBV. I wsa off work for one month because of the fever, anxiety, aches & pain, cough, headaches, fatigue and tender tummy. I have been battling chronic EBV ever since the doctor tells me. I have had an ultrasound done of my liver and they say it looks like a fatty liver. I recently had a colonoscopy done and they removed a polyp and said I have internal hemmroids. I also had an upper GI and the surgeon said I have inflamation in the lower third of my esophagus. So now what? My iron level is low but most all other blood work is good except the EBV panel states I have had a previous infection. CMV tests are still on hold for now. I have been diagnosed with Severe anxiety, depression, and chronic elevated liver enzyme at this time. I take many meds daily....I am on Klonapin, Xanax, Leapro, prilosec, famvir, bentyl, midrin, buspar, CoQ10, Ambien. All these meds seem to help my anxiety but I have no ENERGY and feel like I am suffering from CFS. Can anyone give me some advice??? Thanks!
  2. shyguy453

    shyguy453 New Member

    Just to add, I have been off work for 1 month so far and have no relief of my symptoms and I am panicing about going back to work!
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    Do a post asking for a good doc in the area where you live.

    The famvir alone will make you sick. Why are you on all those meds? I hope you don't take them all at the same time. That could be making you sick, as well.

    Who is your doctor?

  4. Catseye

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    It sounds like you need to start an elimination diet. It's not fun, but it should help clear up some of your problems, esp with your GI system. A good rule is to quit all dairy, wheat and soy. That means you're going to have to start eating healthy, which means lots and lots of veggies. Boil them in chicken broth if they horrify you. Mix up lots of them and include plenty of onion, garlic and peppers, all colors, for flavor. You can't get well if you're eating garbage, the body just won't be able to catch up with depleted reserves and detoxification.

    And get a good digestive enzyme pill. If you are willing to try some supplements, I have been recovering using various ones and you can look at my post "quick relief plan of attack for cfs . . ."

    That will get you started and if you want to know everything I'm doing, which is working, look at my "what worked for me" post. It's on page 3. I was bedridden in Nov and I'm finally getting over it. I drove to the store myself yesterday and spent alot of time in it. That's something I haven't been able to do for a year.

    They sell alot of good stuff in the prohealth store on this site, too, I'm using some.

    best wishes,

  5. shyguy453

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    I have to mention that I do have a problen with anxiety and stress. I do see my family doc who has me on famvir to treat the EBV 500mg 3x daily, xanax .5mg 3x daily for anxiety, midrin as needed for migraine headaches, bentyl for IBS and the cramping, klonapin and buspar are for the anxiety. My Psyc. doc has me on lexapro for stress and depression. I feel I need something for energy. I have no energy at all....I often wonder if things like Aderall or Ritalin in small doses would react differently in people with CFS and that might give us a boost in energy. But what about the Body aches and pains?
  6. shyguy453

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    Ever since they swithched my anti depressant from Cymbalta to Lexapro, my body aches even more now! Any suggestions as to what to talk to the Doc about? Should I suggest this is CFS not chronic EBV? but I think he thinks it is Chronic EBV and Affect disorder (anxiety & depression).
  7. shyguy453

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    I have had the pain and fatigue well for about 6 years now. I have just been added most of the meds within the last year or 2 all by my family doc except the psycholigist prescribed the lexapro over the cymbalta and upped my buspar.
  8. acer2000

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    I thought I read somewhere that out of whack adrenals can cause fatty liver. Have you ever had your cortisol checked? Low cortisol can cause fatigue and low immunity. So can high cortisol. In fact a few Drs. think that CFS itself stems from burnt out adrenals, and all the other problems are secondary to that.
  9. shyguy453

    shyguy453 New Member

    Thansk for the input. I am new here. Really enjoy reading peoples posts.
  10. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Check out dancin' fingers' liver thread. A lot of us take milk thistle. If I didn't take it, I would have elevated liver enzymes, too.


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