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    I've got a few months left on my medical coverage through Cobra from my last job and can't find another company that will pick me up at a resonable cost. I now have EBV and RA with FM and am functioning well but still not able to hold a full time structured job in order to get group insurance benifits. Can anyone help steer me in the right direction?
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    If your state provides for a state-mandated plan, it will be a guaranteed issue with no pre-existing conditions. Now, the bad news is that these plans can cost three times as much as normal individual plans. Also, you must apply for them before your COBRA runs out. Local agencies usually do not want to be bothered with selling these, so you might have to contact the insurance company directly. A broker should be able to give you your options and some phone numbers if he or she cannot help you.

    There is a plan called Care Entree, which is not insurance per se, that is guaranteed issue. I haven't checked into it much. It appears to be a good deal for office visits, but I don't know about hospitalization.

    Do a web search and you can find the website.

    Love, Mikie
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    If you are looking for coverage for meds, you may look into the free meds programs.
    You can post requesting this info.
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    Hello and welcome -

    While going though an unemployment stint myself,
    for past 3 months, I enrolled with 3 temporary
    employment agencies. All three carry insurance
    plan options. Haven't read through all three
    plans too thoroughly yet, but it appears that the
    plans begin around 30 - 60 days after enrolling with
    the agency or after putting in X number of hours
    working for them.

    One seems to be mostly major medical, covering
    5 Dr. visits a year, medications, and some
    hospitalization, with a small deductible and about
    $12 per week cost (for single coverage).

    The temp agencies that I've enrolled with are
    Stivers, Ultimate Staffing, and Spherion.
    A couple of them are nation wide.

    Hope this helps.

    All The Best, ........ Jillian
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    My cobra ran out in December. I have Care Entree. I have only used it once. Doesn't pay a whole lot but its better then nothing. It has on it dental, optical, alternative, chiro"S etc. I have only used it for a doctor appt. Haven't used any of the others yet. It also has perscriptios. Forgot about that!! Hope this has helped.