HELP!!! Confused about supplements & etc.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bibby, Aug 27, 2003.

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    I apologize but boy am I confused about ALL the vitamins and supplements that have been suggested. Please help me sort this out. I'm currently taking Coral Calcium, multi-vitamins with anti-oxidents, 400iu of E, 200mcg of Selenium, and I eat walnuts for omega 3 and because I'm addicted to them. I also take Skelaxin for muscle pain, Celexa, and Ambien to help with sleep but I'm going to have a sleep study on the 12th of Sept. b/c my MD suspects I may have apnea. But on with this, any other suggestions on what I should be taking that will help? I do have some(ok lots)of problems with my digestion. One minute I'm constipated and the next diarreha and I seem to fight gas and bloating all the time! It's quite embarrasing and miserable. I wanted also to ask a questions to all you experts out there about virgin coconut oil. Has anyone heard about this and the possible effects it has on thyroid problems?
    Thanks again for all the support!
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    I take supplements too, and get confused also! LOL I read about what works for others, and also talk to people at our health food store. I'm sure you will get many responses on this one!

    Good luck and hugs!

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    You sound perfectly normal to me!!! There is a lot of info on the coconut oil on this site, just do a search. I have found a gluten free diet helped my bowel problems (husband is now forced to be gluten free and he sees improvement too). I was lucky to see a nutritionalist about proper supplements geared just to me and my FM. I would just keep researching supplements and pick a few, try them and see if you improve. I have noticed most doctors do the hit and miss approach to supplements anyway. Don't jump on me for lumping most doctors into this group, most do fit here but there are Great doctors out there, just they are hard to find, and are then hard to get into see.
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    It can be confusing and I've been trying to learn about what I need also. I've found a lot of info by doing searches on the posts here (at MESSAGE SEARCH on upper left of screen).

    Sounds like you need something for your stomach and digestion problems. I've started digestive enzymes and probiotics and my stomach and digestion seem better after just a couple of weeks. It could be that you have a yeast (candida) problem also.

    Anyway, I mainly just wanted to BUMP this for you so that others would see your post and you would get more input.