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    Please can anyone help !!! I have been batteling severe constipation problems for the last 3 weeks??? First i do have fms and cfs along with ibs. I have been taking everything from under the sun. I have tried warm prune juice i drank a small cup 3x a day for 2 days and nothing i have tried taking a colon helper and nothing i have used miralx and i got it to work 1 day but not the next day i have tried doing colon cleanses sometimes it works and sometimes it does not??? i also have tried using the cascara sagrada and it seems to do like all the rest does sometimes it works and sometimes it does not???? I have been making my own home made yogurt and eating that and grinding flax seeds up and adding that in with my food and nope it does not work!!!! any ideas would greatly be appreciated. I already take my supplements like my magneisum my chiro says i have colitis . And i really do not want another colonoscopy done the last one i had done they did not give me anything to put me a sleep and nothing for pain and i swore i would never have it done again. i told this to my doctor last year . And of course he thought i was lying but i could tell you everything they did to me including strapping my hands to the rail of the bed cause i told them to stop you are killing me .
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    Maybe you have an obstruction? This is not to frighten you but it is something to consider.

    Also, maybe your bowels have lost their motility. Google that and maybe it would give you a clue.

    I have constipation but magnesium is the fix for me.

    I took a anti-spasmodic once and it fixed my bowel problems. Maybe you are spasming (not something you would necessarily feel).

    There are various forms of magnesium and some dont work for some people. The form that moves me easiest is magnesium oxide.

    You should have reported them to the authorities of the hospital. YOu cannot let that go as the next person has to deal with the same thing. I would have sued them.

    They shouldn't have done that. I would report them even now, no matter how long it has been. That is just wrong.
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    Hi. I really feel for you, I know how debilitating constipation can be! I had it severely for 13 years. I'm ok now but it took an ENTIRE regime of things to get my bowels to work, and it was a process but I'm fine now.

    Constipation can begin higher up in the gut. i.e you're not digesting things properly to begin with. I had to heal my 'leaky gut syndrome' first. These are the things I was prescribed.

    - a special gut repair formula with glutamine, pectin and a bunch of other things in it.
    - 100% pure aloe vera (heals the lining of your gut) 3x day
    - probiotics 1 x day
    -2 tbspns psyillium in water 2 x a day
    -flaxseeds with breakfast
    - in the beginning i took lactulose, a every night.
    - stopped eating wheat, dairy.

    I found that routine was one most important thing. I had to eat at the same time everyday. The above regime, took months to work, so don't give up if what you are trying doesn't work straight away.

    In the meantime, I had to sometimes take the hospital strength osmotic laxatives (I also used fleet as mentioned above) or give myself enemas.

    Best of luck, I hope something helps soon.

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    Hi crickett, sorry that you are going through this, I really think you should go to the doc's and get this checked out. I had gotten constipated last year and did not even relize it. I started to get really bad pains in my stomach my husband went to store and got me something to take it was a liqued drink some kind of laxitive but strong, worst thing you can do the pain got so bad we had to call 911 and I spent 3 days in the hospital in extreme pain.

    they finally did a catscan and saw that I was completly blocked up even though I had been going to the bathroom and passing stools not a lot mind you, but I never felt this comeing, the pain was even under my ribcage and my whole stomach was bloated. I was just totaly full of poop and this is not something they see often, the had me hooked to IV and were given me diliuden and vicoden for pain and it was hardly touching the pain.

    So even though you are passing a little bit you my be getting blocked up bad and won't know it this is not something to mess with it can be deadly so please just get it checked out. I was lucky that they gave the drink you get before a colonoscopy to clear out your system this only helped a little, when they sent me home I was still in alot of pain and was on the couch for another week before I finally got all this poop out of my system.

    I would not like to see anyone go through this. and also you could have certain kind of blockech witch could be dangrous and needs medical etention as soon as possible I am not trying to scare you I just don't want you to take constipation lightly either. You will hopefully just need to be seen by doc and recommended something to help you through this before it gets to bad.

    I am sorry if I scared you I just want you to be carefull and i don't want you to get anyworse then you are. please take care and let us know who you are doing, sending you gentle hugs and prayers Barabara
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    Before you panic, try adding more magnesium supplements in capsule form to your diet and see if they don't help. I don't know how much magnesium you take now, but add more. It may take several days to get the right balance. You should be taking at least half as much mag. as calcium, more if you drink a lot of milk or OJ with calcium added.

    I came up with this when after a colonoscopy for this same problem, the doctor told me I could take Milk of Magnesia nightly if needed with no ill effect. Realizing that MOM is just magnesium with chemicals added, I tried magnesium capsules instead. Success!!!

    I adjust the mgs. depending on my diet that day and level of stress. Capsules work far better for me in any supplement than tablets. Apples work well too but I get tired of apples and I find them to be quite drastic in their result. If you tend to have an irritable bowel which is sounds as if you may, apples may be too harsh for you.

    Good luck.

    PS. I must take care to say that if you try the magnesium capsules for a week or so to no effect, you probably should see your doctor. As far as a colonoscopy without anesthesia, find another doctor!

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    Get some stool softeners from Walmart or someplace. If you are taking pain meds they can make you constipated. You may have to double the stool softeners the first two days and after that take the normal amount each day.
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    I got horrible constipation from chemotherapy drugs in 2003. I developed a tear and rectal spasms that filled my entire existence with pain and anxiety. I needed surgery to repair the tear.

    for me, any generic MOM product worked. During the worst of things, I used 4 tablespoons a night. Even now, so long after that horrible incident, I am still frightened enough to use MOM every day. I only use 1 teaspoon a night - probably don't need it, but I simply can't get constipated again! It works. DE
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    it's a pill form and your stomach acid is low.

    The pill will stay mostly undigested and the magnesium won't trigger the muscular contractions in your intestine.

    You might try the magnesium that dissolves in juice or water, or a straight liquid form (expensive) or take the magnesium with something to promote stomach acid - lemon juice in water beforehand, or Betaine HCl with.

    Also, I take a flax oil capsule at every meal, and if I do get slowed down I may add a tablespoon of straight olive oil (yuck) which helps things move along in the next day or so.
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    Are u still doing methylation protocol? A few folks had severe constipation arise in past on the simplified supps.

    Best wishes.