HELP! Could THIS be my FMS? Oh, God, no, if it is.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pearls, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. pearls

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    I've been working my extremely stressful teaching job until I can retire in June. This is what has been going on:

    I thought I caught the flu or some flu-like illness on Thursday night. I had been having problems with a mild sore throat, which would appear in the evenings and be gone by morning. However, on Thursday evening, I had a really bad sore throat and thought I had caught something. It was a very bad day to take off work the next day, so I went to work anyway. Much to my surprise, I did well all morning. I started feeling bad at noon, but was able to finish the day okay.

    That night, I felt like the flu was really on me: bad sore throat, sensitive skin all over, buring eyes, all my usual pain amplified.

    The next morning, Saturday, I woke up feeling really terrible again. After awhile, I was better. I took a nap about 2 p.m. until about 4:30p.m. I felt terrible the rest of the night.

    Today, Sunday, was a repeat of yesterday, with the exception of the nap.

    QUESTION: Could all this be my fibromyalgia instead of a virus? Oh, God, I hope not. (A sore throat has never been a part of my disease.)

    I'm editing my message now. I forgot to say I also have chronic fatigue syndrome AND - (and very big AND) - my head's stuffed with phlegm (Is that how you spell it?)

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  2. teach6

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    A sore throat frequently accompanies CFS, but I haven't heard of it with FM. I have both, so I do sometimes have sore throats, but I'm pretty sure they are only associated with CFS. So, just take care of yourself and stay home and rest up.

    A good friend taught me that even though we feel like we are indispesible as teachers, the kids will really do fine when we aren't there. We certainly will feel better by taking care of ourselves and staying home when we need to instead of trying to be super woman and going in sick.

  3. pearls

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    Did you forget that it can be actually MORE difficult if we stay home? I knew Friday would be a bad day in many ways because of some special activities and I went to school. Actually, they were not fine even though I went. Maybe I should have stayed home for THAT reason! :-(

    Thanks for your support, though. I really do appreciate it. As you can tell, I needed it badly! (or is it "bad?" - too sick and tired to find out...).

    I think I have my answer now, though. There's something wrong with my sinuses that involves a virus or bacteria or - Heaven forbid - something, and I'll go to the doctor tomorrow (though it may be after lunch instead of before lunch). I'll at least take the afternoon off. :)

    Hugs (soft, of course),
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  4. Shirl

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    Sorry to say that I do get that sometimes too. I think I have a virus, then in a few hours I feel find. Then I will wake up in the moring with the sorethroat, and it will be gone by evening. Don't know what causes it.

    I have Fibro, not CFS. But I know how you feel. I did notice that if I am stress about something, that will happend more often.

    Have not figured it out yet either!

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. nitalynn

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    Have you considered pollen. I don't know what its like there but here everything is yellow with it. Every spring this time I get a scratchy throat and often end up with a sinus infection.
  6. schnoodle

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    I know a lot of the schools have mold problems. That is how I got sick. Mold in a building. Sick building syndrome. Alergy and flu symptoms for years and then my whole body fell apart. Just a thought.
  7. missvickielynn

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    I am sorry you are feeling so bad right now. What you are describing is nearly exactly what I go through during what I call my CFIDS flares. I have both CFIDS and FMS, among other severe allergies and environmental sensitivities.

    You didn't mention whether you have been running a low-grade fever. For many with CFIDS, we often have low-normal body temps, but if one is not aware that they usually have a body temp that is below "normal", then if you are feeling "fluish", and take your temp....even if it measures 98.6, you are still running fever, because your "normal" temp is lower. My "normal" temp runs between 97.4 and 97.6. And during my CFIDS flares, with the sore throat, I almost always run a low-grade fever, usually between 99 and 100 degrees.

    But even in the absense of a fever, the "fluish" feeling is the same.

    So many times, I end up with either a sinus infection or bronchitis during these flares. For years, before I was diagnosed with CFIDS, doctors were telling me I "just had a cold" or "it's just allergies." Then, they began saying I had a secondary sinus infection or bronchitis, as a result of a virus or allergies. And, in terms of the way the flare felt, and the course it would run, from beginning to end, it really didn't matter too much whether it was allergies or a cold that was the trigger. Of course, the FLU....catching a whole other monster! But eventually, it becomes recognizable as just one part of the CFIDS picture.

    For me, allergies are a major problem, and often trigger these flares......even though Claritin does a pretty fair job of controlling at least the "hay fever" type symptoms. But just as often, my flares are triggered by the environment.

    The "sick building syndrome" has been a huge factor for me with this type of flare. This is clear to me more in retrospect, as things often are!

    Flying on an airplane is a sure-fire way to trigger a CFIDS flare for me.......and worsens the Fibro pain as well.

    But the secondary infections always end up requiring treatment with antibiotics. And secondary infections following the kind flare you described, are almost universal in people with CFIDS. There may be more susceptability at some times than others, and there may even be periods when the flares don't progress to the secondary infections.

    But it all boils down to a malfunctioning immune system.

    I hope you can get treated for the sinus infection, and that you are feeling better soon!

  8. Bambi

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    have the red throat all the time and
    sometimes it's sore. I use that spray
    for sore throats sometimes, just one
    spray to get things moving. My PCP
    and pain specialist say that the red
    throats are common with FM as they
    are with CFS. My daughter gets it too. I think the two illnesses are so
    close in relationship that many symptoms cross over. I've also had the low body temp my whole life, know I'm sick or getting there when it hits normal. What can you say?