Help. CPAP humidifier and congestive heart failure

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rainshadow, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Rainshadow

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    I need some more info about cpap humifiers and heart failure. A week or so ago someone posted that they had learned that cpap humidifiers can intensify congestive heart failure. I can't find the post and I need to know where you received that info so I can discuss it with my doctors. I've had my machine a month and can't get my fluid retention under control without increasing the amount of lasix I take. Nothing else in my life has changed. Neither the sleep clinic nor my cardiologist's office knows anything about the humidifier causing problems with cpap. In fact, the nurse at my cardio says usually a cpap makes the chf better. Can anybody help me? I see my primary tomorrow.
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    Sleep apnea can actually cause or deepen CHF.

    I have never heard of it interferring with it.

    One does not obsorb the fluid from the humidifier, it just keeps the air from being too dry and drying out the mucosa, thus leaving it open to infection.
  3. Rainshadow

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    About a week or so ago there was a cpap discussion and one of the posters mentioned the humidifier and the chf problem. Now I can't find the darn thing! She said her tech had shown her how to turn up the humidifier and that that info was wrong because of the problem I mentioned. Actually you would inhale the moisture. At any rate I turned my humidifier down and increased my lasix and am now monitoring my weight more closely. I gained 3 pounds of water weight!! Everything was fat. I hope the original poster will respond because I just need a source of her info.
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    CPAP 03/15/06 09:17 PM

    I've used a CPAP for many, many years now. The company who rents you your CPAP should be able to adjust your mask for you properly.

    If it leaves red marks on your face, it's too tight, too little, or something is wrong.

    I have a mask where the part around your nose is made of blue gel -- it's really soft to your face.

    I am so used to mine that I probably could not sleep without it!

    My obstructive sleep apnea was causing me to go into congestive heart failure!!!

    I also have oxygen connected to my CPAP.

    Good luck with yours!


    I typed the word CPAP in search
    hopes this helps when you talk to your dr.

  5. Rainshadow

    Rainshadow New Member

    The one I need distinctly mentions cpap humidifier exacerbating chf. But thanks anyway. I searched on cpap. cpap humidifier and chf with no luck so far. I think I'll just relax about it. The machine is helping my sleep and energy so much that I'll deal with having to take more diuretic.

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