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    I WENT TO THE PAIN SPECIALIST TODAY AND HE WAS A RUDE A-- h---. he said i was depressed and that was causing my pain. not my fibro or my other conditions. then he said i had no muscle mass and needed more protien. all he did was feal my back, then in the next breath said i needed to get my knee operated on and that if i did that i would be better. WHAT DOES MY KNEE DISORDER HAVE TO DO WITH FIBRO!!!!!!!!! i am so mad. he all but said i was imaging my pain. excuse me i am depressed today cause i had a fever of 102. his nurse took my temp and remarked on it. this was adester and i will never go to this person again and i am telling my primary doctor what happened to me and sugest that he not refer people to him.
    this guy was so rude and it seemed that he wanted to argue all the points that my counslor and phsicatrist came up with. even implied that they did not know what they were doing. as they said my pain keeps from life he said just the opisit. he gave every message that it was my fault and i need to exercise more and to diet, i have lost over 200lbs what a jerk, i am going to try and see a different pain specialist. this one is highly recomended.
    this guy has left me angry, depressed, and steamed. should i compain or not and to whom. he seen me in the hospital in a out patient clinic.
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    that you had such a bad experience. If you go back and check out some of my posts lately, I have had similar experiences.

    I've had walking pneumonia for a month and the first dr. I went to was an internist who did nothing but just knock it down to my cfs and sent to me another doctor. On and on it went until last Friday, I finally went to an urgent care place and he finally took some blood. Then he was blaming it on me for not going to dr. sooner. I told him I went to an internist first a month ago, then to two other doctors. He just thought it was my fault.

    And when you feel bad and are more sick than usual, it's all that much harder to stay calm. It always makes me feel like crying when they hurt our feelings. I don't know why doctors have to act this way. But, I have ran across a few that have been really caring and if I have a bad experience, I just don't go back to them. If their advice is to exercise, etc., I let it go in one ear and out the other. I know what I am capable of and when I can I do stretching, etc. But, only I know what my thresholds are and that is what you have to know so you want push yourself too much.

    Just wondering what your fever is from? Without even realizing why I was feeling so bad, because we always do, I had that infection. Do you think you might have one? Have you had your blood checked lately?

    I found my best pain doctor through my chiropractor, he knew how much pain I was in all the time, and I told him what meds seemed to help me get around. I think that is the best way to find one if you have a good doctor you can ask.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I'm so sorry you had to go through this bad experience especially not feeling well at all. Take care. Hope you feel better.