Help..DR says,"No more Coffee and No more sugar!"

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  1. RoZzZ

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    Hi to all and thanks for responding.

    All this is new to me have had CFS for about a year and finally was recommended a Dr who not only believes in CFS but also has taken time to learn about this DD.
    My first visit was with him yesterday, he asked heaps of questions about symptoms and then we got into my diet. He wasn't impressed at all as I don't eat very much (due to stomach stapling in 1995), but since me energy levels are always low and I am sooooo tired all the time it is just so much easier to reach for a coffee and something sweet...thats what I crave SUGAR. I drink about 5 - 7 coffees a day and now I'm devistated...NO MORE!
    He says it has something to do with agravating the pain and denying me sleep...he said it was only the beginning of my diet change he is still working on the rest after I have MORE blood and allergy tests. Has anyone had this experience?
  2. Lanie

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    How about replacing the coffee with herbal tea and a bit of honey or lemon? I found that it satisfies my hot liquid craving. I love green tea, peach and at night sleepytime extra. Caffiene free of course, I found that caffiene aggravates my FM.

    My doctor suggested a low carb, high protien diet. If you cut out caffiene and things like aspartame and MSG, you should be feeling a bit better in no time.

    Pay no mind to Mel, he apparently started his day off badly. We all have those days, right? ;)
    Best wishes,
  3. tandy

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    All I can say is I really feel sorry for your wife!!
    You sound like your one of those "by the book "guys! Do you carry around a FM/CF manual?
    And for Rozz or whatever the spelling.....I'd cut back for sure because it is a fact that sugar is bad in alot of ways for us~but I would'nt go without!nor would I cut the coffee cold turkey!!You need to ween steps~lol I drink 2-3 a day.but I use to drink way more!! Lots of luck!
    please don't be intimidated by Mel....He LOVES attention!![This Message was Edited on 01/17/2003]
  4. RedB

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    I know there are many here that will say that decafeinated coffee and sugar free foods are not any better for you, but in your case, it would be a good way to help you cut down on the things that are badly affecting you. Regular coffee definitely cuts into my proper sleep, so I drink decaf twice a day. You may have to search for a good-tasting one. And, if you're not afraid of the aspartame thing in surar free foods, there are a lot of good-tasting things out there. Trying them for a time might help you.

    Working on this problem a little at a time won't be that hard. And, I'll bet you can get yourself under control much faster than Mel can get his abrasive personality under control.

    Good luck!
  5. Mikie

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    Your doc is right. Diet is one of the most important parts of our regimen with these illnesses. Do a search here and it will bring up all our posts on this subject. We should avoid "white things:" Sugar, flour, and rice. No caffeine, no tobacco, and limited alcohol. Try to limit high-glycemic fruit if you have a weight problem too. These illnesses are illnesses of denying ourselves the comfort things we have always turned to which are now very bad for us.

    Most of us are reactive hypoglycemic and feel much better on low-carb/high-protein diets. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  6. 2BPainfree

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    My God...

    Could you be anymore INSENSITIVE?? Having a bad day are you?? Please don't take it out on others. Just curious, do YOU come here looking for support and get critisized??

    How in the world can you act like that towards someone else who is struggling...not everyone has the same problems, strengths or weaknesses. For many, Sugar is equivalent to alcohol addiction...would you expect or tell an acoholic to "just geta grip" or "quit being so weak"??

    WHAT IF your Doc just told you...
    "Mel...Duh, your fatigue and pain is all in your head. YOU should be able to handle THAT... your a man!! It's mind over matter...What a sissy!"

    THAT is equivelant to what you just said to RoZzZ. Those kinds of comments hurt and are not easily forgotten. Also makes people NOT want to post when they desperately NEED to....We all need support, especially from those who are stronger than we are at the moment.
    It may be you next time who is down, feeling vulnerable and needs to hear something you may already know, but need to hear again that makes you feel like " WE care, I care, your validated, accepted as you are" I'm sure you didn't mean what you said the same way it came thru, I hope.

    RoZzZ...Your NOT alone. Stopping ANYTHING that we are in the habit of using is extremely difficult. It will take time, but slowly you will see new positive changes in your life, little by little, step by step. I know I shouldn't drink coffee either but still do....I don't drink 7 cups, but am down to 1/2 cup a day. I don't think I could stop on a dime, just because it's the "logical" thing to do. YOU will be fine. Thank your lucky stars you have such a great doctor who is willing to work with you!! Wish I had one like that.

    Susan B.
  7. LauraLea

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    I made the switch to de-caf about 3 years ago. I allow myself 1-glass of ice tea per day with no sugar. The de-caf coffee is harder for me to do without sugar. Sometimes I use sweet-n-low and equal together it taste more like the real thing. I must admitt I'm not totally off sugar.

    Try the de-caf first then try weening yourself off the sugar..

    Good luck
  8. Ness

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    First of all ......I thought that this was a place to come and get compassion and understanding and advice that was not ment to hurt anyone..

    Yes, cutting back on the sugar and caffeine will help the pain and fatigue....BUT be careful and do it slowly..I mean wean yourself because it is like coming off will have withdrawl and it can make you very sick...Headaches and depression....

    Caffeine and sugar make us feel better for short periods of time and then they actually cause the symptoms we are trying to get rid of by using them in the first place.....they bring you up for about 20 minutes and then straight down.....

    Peace and Healing to you
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  9. teach6

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    You obviously just don't get it. Not everyone here is as lucky as you have been in controlling your FM symptoms. Again, not everyone here even has FM, this is a CFS and FM board and Roz clearly stated she has CFS.

    I sincerely hope you never really need help because you have alienated so many people on this board by your constant badgering and lack of support that I doubt many would come to your assistance.

    God forbid you ever develop CFS. Then you would have to throw most of your platitudes out the window and start all over again.

  10. craftycats6

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    hi ROZ,
    mY dr also told me to stop the caffine and the sugar.
    ITS not easy i crave the sweets like crazy and i use to not even eat sweets know i want any choc i can find but i just look at it and try to remember that god doesnt give us
    anything we cant handle. it does help to remove yourself ]
    from the sugsr snd the caffine. I cant say i dont cheat i limit myself to two cups of coffee in the morning

    i feel like ive already given up so much so its a treat now to have coffee.

  11. sheelanagigs

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    yep, both sugar and caffeine are DEVASTATING to the immune system. i was going thru a stressful patch of life and had eggnog lattes (fully caffeine, non soy eggnog, lots of sugar) and i broke out in this virus that looked like weird pimples that would not heal. i itched, i hurt, i burned, i looked horrible--my face was swollen and i had these weird things on my face and body! of course no doctor would listen to me, so i talked with my REAL healthcare provider, my compounding pharmcacist who said, " oh that's viral! take zovirax or whatever you take for herpes" by george, within 24 hours, i was better and within a week, the bumps were almost gone! apparently the pumps come out along the nerve root, the same as shingles and herpes...i would feel an " itch and burn" there would be nothing there; i'd scratch and a blister would appear and another and another...awful

    they went away. as research, i tried it again. yep, sugar and caffeine broke me out in the virus bumps again...i have learned my lesson--needless to say, my energy level is zip after that attack on my immune system

    aspartane (nutrasweet) is worse than sugar.

    even decaf has caffeine in it

    if you can switch to green teas, herbal teas, and matte', the tea of the indigenous in some country in latin america--i can't remember where and am too tired to walk to the kitchen. sorry.

    read the stuff about CFS/ME/FM and adrenals. i have been drinking licorice tea. i just ordered the book, "Tired of Being Tired"--it's about our chronic illnesses and the adrenals. i happen ot believe all this stuff is adrenal related, but that is my personal theory, at least in my case..the book gives a great diet and some great and easy healthy smoothies. i am starting the diet monday...
    tomorrow i am going to the war protest and am going to sit witih the buddhists and not march and i'll be fasting, and sunday is my feast day when i eat more fruit than i ordinarily would (sugar)

    i lived a rotating organic diet for a number of years and it was almost as if i had never had this stuff..almost! this diet eliminated everything bad for me and after abaout two weeks of cravings and horrible detox symptoms, i was great!

    i'm afraid graduate school has led me to live only a partial rotating diet because of the expense and time and sorry alleged health care

    i find that when i am craving sugar, i really want protein so if i have beans and rice or nuts, the craving for sugar goes away and i can live with coffee substitutes if i can occasionally have a few sips of my partner's decaf soy latte'

    take care

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Natural foods. Neutrasweet (aspertame), sacherine (sp?), and Splenda are not the best choices--Splenda contains chlorine which probably isn't good. Stevia is a good alternative although it doesn't taste as good. It is a natural antioxidant and is available from health food stores in crystaline and liquid forms.

    If we stay away from the things I mentioned above and stick to fresh fruits and veggies with fish, poultry, and meat, we tend to feel much better.

    I have found that eating the fat allowed on the Suzanne Somers diet has satisfied me so that the craving for sweets is not there.

    The modern American diet has made sugar junkies out of a lot of us and we have to learn new ways to eat and new ways to live. It isn't easy and it takes commitment. We are in the fight of our lives for our health. This is no small thing. We have to put everything we have into this fight. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  13. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    It must be so sad and lonely to live all alone up on that pedestal you have placed yourself, where you are so much better than everyone else. Is everything always so black or white for you? Don't you have any gray areas?
    Most of us are told to do things that we already "know" we should be doing. Something that's easy for one, isn't necessarily easy for another. Lighten up, huh? People have their weaknesses, that's part of being human.
  14. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    I can totally relate to you..COFFEE..I drink it alot!! Itry to eat as organically as I can..including my meat. I drink gallons of water..take my supps..use honey instead of sugar when I can..make most of our meals from scratch so as to eliminate the preservatives..etc. etc. BUT..I smoke alot and I drink coffee alot. I suppose people would say I have two monkeys on my back..I say they are my drugs..I do not take any meds..

    Soooo...I guess I am saying we all are human, as was already stated. We all have done and do things that might not be too good for us..BUT..I think alot of us are also doing MANY things right.

    I wish you so much luck..IF it were me..I would give up one thing at a time until I had it and whatever withdrawal symptoms there are..under control..then I would work on the next. God bless and hang in there..I am rooting for ya!...Sherry
  15. raingold

    raingold New Member

    Hi RoZzZ,
    I sympathize with you completely. I think the only thing that has made a change in my health, and perhaps one of the hardest things was to make changes in my diet. That was oh so hard, but I did it because I wanted to live and I knew that if I didn't I couldn't. I was really blessed to have a great support system that helped me to make changes that I knew I could not do alone. I am glad you are reaching out to this group for help and understanding. Caffeine and Sugar are terrible robbers of our energy and are so cunning. For me, they were my comfort. I thought they would make me feel better..and they did..for about the time it took for me to drink or eat, then the feelings were still there and I felt worse physically. I had to do a lot of work-emotionally, physically and spiritually to help me get in touch with my feelings and why I had cravings in the first place. I wanted to escape, to feel good, to get away from the pain. It was only through working through my feelings that it became easier because I no longer had to numb them so much. Yes, I know it's terrible. It's like, "what is left in life?", but I just want you to know that life on the other side of these addictions can be so sweet. We can heal. We can be happy. I just want to lend a hearing ear and to let you know that we all care and we all understand and keep writing. Call a supportive friend, keep a journal, send an e-mail, do anything to stay connected to those who love and support you in what you need to heal. YOU CAN DO THIS-OK? I'm glad you have found a good, understanding Dr. HERES TO YOUR HEALTH, RAINGOLD
  16. 2BPainfree

    2BPainfree New Member

    THAT was awesome. I had to write down what you said, it's a keeper!

    Susan B
  17. lunabella

    lunabella New Member

    LOL!! i went to a holistic doc that just told me the same thing yesterday. although, i usually only drink 1 cup a day. i always say i have a balanced diet- half healthy food & half junk food :)

    he said it aggravated my already depleted adrenal system. caffiene/sugar DOES seem to set you up for the frustrating cycle you mentioned- being tired all the time, and the easiest thing to reach for is the thing that seems to help, but is really just making it worse!

    as for coffee, hhhmmm... esp if you are addicted to *several* cups a day-- that is a hard one. all i can say is have LOTS of herbal tea on hand- that you make yourself- most really don't need sweetener, but if they do, just add a little honey (and lots of tylenol!) and find ones that you really enjoy and WANT to drink. my doc recommended stevia sweetener- which you can find in a health food store (in a little bottle, in the herb section). a tiny bit of honey here & there isn't gonna kill you... but remember that's sugar too. go to the health food store, try to find some other alternatives to coffee/soda that might not shock your caffiene/sugar addiction too much. then... try to go off the coffee gradually (i would say).

    anyway.... do you have some good vegetarian cookbooks? like, the moosewood, vegitarian epicure, etc.? that always helps.
    if you live near a big health food store, that helps also.

    you need to be prepared for when you get cravings... and the whole idea is- the healthier you eat, the less evil, irrational cravings you should have...!
    find out where you can get baked goods- (if that is your weakness) that are whole-grain & made w/ honey. for example, there's place near me that sells this sort of thing, & they have great pumpkin empanadas, and energy bars that are sugar-free, and easy to carry.
    learn how to make all kinds of smoothies, w/ yogurt, fruit juices, fruit, protein powder, etc... get one of those popsicle-maker things & make frozen smoothie pops. you can also keep bananas in the freezer for smoothies. it's a good way to satisfy your sweet cravings w/o sugar.
    you can also just mix fruit in plain yogurt. (but don't buy commercial fruit yogurt anymore, because they usually add sugar!)

    the trick is, you have to be prepared, stock up on stuff... my doc said "pretend like you're going camping"...! get lots of little tupperward containers & drink containers... if you leave the house unprepared, you'll end up hungry & then you'll be vulnerable to temptation!! he also suggested nuts & seeds, creamy cottage cheese (amazing how good this is when you're hungry).. and dried natural fruit. remember those commercial "protein bars" don't have much protein in comparison to carbs AND way too much sugar.

    one more thing, my doc said-- since NAFTA came about, the EPA does not regulate the coffee that comes from mexico. apparently this means there are all sorts of nasty things in it-- like fungicides. he said if i ever do drink coffee again, it should be ORGANIC.


    "Currently, coffee is the world’s second largest traded food commodity. It is also one of the most chemically sprayed food crops in the world. With little to no regulation, coffee growers spray using synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, growth regulators, DDT and fungicides proven to be hazards to health and to the environment. This affects the farmers who grow the coffee in the coffee producing lands as well as their families and workers, the land, water, and the coffee consumer."

    but of course, the mainstream coffee industry doesn't want us to know about that...!!

    anyway, my point is-- if you're struggling w/ health problems already, why add to it with all that?

    just work up to a goal, say- 1 week w/o coffee-- you'll probably be surprised at how well you're doing. hopefully then soon you'll feel stronger & stronger instead of depleted & addicted.
    i'm trying to convince myself also, by telling you all this. ;)

    hope this helps!!
  18. lunabella

    lunabella New Member

    stock up on some of those sunsweet cherry-flavored prunes. they are SO good & have saved me many a time, when i was craving things we all don't need to be eating! :)
    just think of them as candy. (they have orange too.)

  19. Madelyn

    Madelyn New Member

    Your Dr. is right. Mikie is right. The ONLY thing which has made ANY difference in how I feel and what I'm able to do is diet. No caffeine, no sugar. Low carb too. No alcohol. I 'm fortunate in that when I eat these things, I feel it. Horrible. So it makes it easy to avoid them. I only disagree on one point with some others here. You have to go cold turkey with the sugar. Indulging in any will only cause you to crave more.
    It will seem hard at first, but stick with it. It will get easy quickly if you persevere. You'll be glad you did!
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Before we can make changes in our lives physically, we absolutely must make changes mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

    When we commit to trying to heal, it isn't just a hollow promise. It means in practical terms that EVERY decision from that moment onward MUST be consistent with that commitment. One cannot live with a foot in wellness and a foot in illness. Illness will prevail. Sugar, caffeine, and tobacco are things which make us ill. We cannot heal and continue these unhealthy habits. To think we can is to not be faithful to ourselves, our loved ones, and our health. It is impossible to lie to ourselves and to heal at the same time.

    Notice, I never said it was easy; it isn't. It's extremely difficult to change habits, but it's not impossible. It can be done, and the rewards are physical, mental, and spiritual.

    Love, Mikie