HELP: Dr. Starlanyl wrote back to me re: Newsweek!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klutzo, Jun 4, 2003.

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    Dr. Devin Starlanyl just e-mailed me saying if I would tell her which issue of Newsweek had the offending letter by Dr. Baker she would "see what she could do about it". She said they usually don't print comments about other comments, but she will try. However, I do not get Newsweek and have no idea what issue it was.
    Can someone who actually read it help me please???
    Here is a chance for us to get one of the most knowledgeable FMS doctor out there, one who has written great books and has FMS herself to write to Newsweek, and I don't even know the damn issue number. It was the special issue on Pain, but that isn't enough for her, so someone please respond with: the 1) date of the issue and 2)the issue number if there is one, and 3)ther exact title on the front of the issue, and 4) the exact name of the doctor who said FMS is an excuse for disability. All I could remember is that he was from Kansas and his last name was Baker, I think.
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    newsweek issue dated may 19th.

    headline: SPECIAL REPORT health and technology: what the future means for you. The Next Frontiers. then if large letter "Treating Pain". volume CSLI., no 20
    hope this helps......
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    May 19th was the date of the issue that had the article Dr. Baker referred to. I think his letter to the editor was after that. ?????
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    Hi Klutzo, You will find the information you need in the June 2nd issue on page 20 of Newsweek Magazine with lead in comments: As a family practicing physician in a small town...Signed Terry Baker, MD, Augusta, KS. I hope this helps; I utilized our friendly main librarian to confirm this data and as it happens she has a friend who has this illness and she knows her friend has REAL PAIN!!!!

    Please keep us posted on Dr. Starlanyl's reply/reaction.

    Crusade (This is my first post)
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    This should be enough info for her to find the releveant article and Dr. Baker's comment on it.
    If she replies to my e-mail again, I'll let you all know.
    Thanks! Klutzo
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    duh..i guess you have the original newsweek with the pain articles!!!! another one of my fibro brain melts.....i need help today. locking myself in the room...:)
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    Which info is wrong? I mailed Dr. Starlanyl already telling her the Special Pain issue was May 19 and the letter in response by Dr. Baker was in the June 2nd issue. Was that wrong?
    She is going to think I am a dingbat if I have to write again and correct it, but I don't read Newsweek or any other news for that matter....too upsetting and stressful.
    I wish someone who actually had the article and the letter in their possession had written to her instead of me.
    Please someone let me know if I got it wrong so I can write to her again.
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    No problem you have the dates correct :) Thanks for doing this.
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    The May 19,2003 issue is the one with the article on pain;
    'Treating Pain' page;43-62

    The reply by; Dr. (LETTERS) Tracy M. Baker, M.D is the;
    June 2, 2003 issue; page 20.

    Heres what she, Dr. Baker had to say;

    As a Family-Practice Physician is a small community, I enjoyed your articles about new advances in pain management.

    But I'd like to comment on your article on Fibromyalgia (Not All In Your Head May 20, page; 53).

    The America College of Rheumatology approved diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia in 1990, but I believe that was a mistake.

    The condition is not associated with any objective pathology, and diagnoses based solely on symptoms are prone to error and abuse.

    What bothers us physicians is that by labeling fibromyalgia a disease, we encourage people to claim disability.

    Most of us don't want our taxes supporting someone who is not truly disabled.

    Tracy M. Baker M.D.
    Augusta, Kansas


    For those who did not read this, don't let your blood pressure hit the ceiling!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of acheiving help for these illnesses (and one that I constantly run up against) is the lax attitude that these diseases aren't any problem and we need not be concerned about them. Articles that foster this attitude do not help. I hope that Dr. Starlanyl will write and get them to reconsider their attitude. Her credentials should make a difference.
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    my original info was correct. i was assuming it was in the original issue dd may 19 on treating pain. if you needed the issue of the specific letter from the dumb doc i'm not sure if it was in the may 19th one. someone said it was in the june issue. shirl has it right as well. sorry for the confusion.
    :) not making sense again. i give up.
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    I used to subscribe to Newsweek for years, and this is probably the first time I ever saw a response to the previous issues articles in the following issue.

    It would be, at the least two or three issues later that they would print the responses in 'LETTERS' concerning an article.

    Newsweek is very liberal, so keep that in mind.

    Sometimes they do things that my son calls; 'a back hand compliment'. They say something nice, then later on they hit you with an insult!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I received another e-mail from Dr. Starlanyl, thanking me for all the info, and saying she would "see what she could do". Thanks everyone for the details you provided.
    The other doctor I wrote to who has Fibro was Dr. George Waylonis, but he has not responded.
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    I am actually subscribed to the newsweek, its one of my fave magazines. I know which article you are all talking about. I got angry when reading it, my sons and husband wanted to know what made me so angry.. I had just gotton the news week out of the mail, and started reading it, then came across that article.

    I let them read it too, they were angry also.

    I hope something does come of this.. I will keep reading my newsweek and see if any thing comes of it.

    Thanks for taking the time anyways, to write the magazine about it, good for you!!