Help Everybody, I have to see the SSD Doctor on Friday

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by evileva, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. evileva

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    Social Security called me this morning and wants me to come in Friday at 12:30 to be seen by one of their doctors. I have heard some horror stories on this board about THEIR DOCTORS, so I would like to know if there is anything that I should do when I go in or if anyone has any advice at all I sure would appreciate it. I am terribly nervous about this.
  2. motherjo

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    Hello I asked that question early and got these answers
    go to top type in disibility,some by#1 NINK #2bluebider #3 ssi phych and phys exams by linnfam #4 winning in 3 words
    I hope this help.
  3. Dara

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    handbook stating that you can request your own doctor to do a physical examination? I'm almost certain there is, I'll have to see if I can find it

  4. Milo83

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    Go to it, but if this dr. wants to examine you make sure there is a nurse present, or even take a family member with..You have a right, not to be alone with this dr..Yes, I was one person that wrote a "horror story" about my SSD dr..Don't go getting all dressed up and makeup..Have decent clothes on and be clean, but no need to go all out and look good, after all you don't feel good..
    Answer his questions and tell him how you feel on a daily basis, example being, "I go only do this or that, then I have to rest, etc..
    Wishing you the best.........Take care........Donna

    BTW, what type of dr. are they sending you to..
  5. chickadee

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    Just wanted to give you one positive report of visit to a disability doctor. The address they sent me to was "on the wrong side of the tracks" in a section of town I normally would not even drive through and the day of my appointment I didn't have anybody that could go with me. So I put the pepper spray on the seat beside me and went by myself. When I went through the door, I was surprised that the office was very clean but the receptionist could not speak English - I thought I was in trouble.
    Then, when the doctor called me in, he didn't have a nurse so it was just me and him. However, he turned out to be very pleasant, understanding and kind. He offered to send me a copy of his report and also a copy to my primary care physician. At the time, I didn't have the support of any of my doctors or even a diagnosis. He didn't offer to examine any of my female parts - just reminded me that I should have breast exam, pap smear, etc. His report to SSD indicated that I had weakness from carpel tunnel surgery and that I "probably" had Lupus or another auto immune disorder. Two years later I got the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.
    This report and an appearance before an Administrative Law Judge resulted in approval for disability. I realize I was lucky and that my age had a lot to do with it (I was 57 at the time).
    Advice - don't carry a heavy handbag. Tell it like it is.
  6. evileva

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    They didn't tell me what kind of doctor that I would be seeing. I am just guessing that it is a regular doc. I called my lawyer and he also told me to go and he said that if I felt that I wasn't treated fairly or justly that he would take a statement down, so I have to call him after I get through with the doc! Wish me luck everyone!
    Eva I will let you all know how it went.
  7. dlizard

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    I told the SS people this... if you have a doctor that can get me well... that's exactly what I am searching for.... lets see him and get on with getting well.... I've just about exhausted my health care provider list with little improvement and a much poorer pocketbook.... along with all my "real" doctor visits I don';t get enough rest to ever get well.... but now like I said, if you guys can HELP me find someone soemwhere that knows something about me and this illness.... BRING HIM?HER ON!
    sooooo you let me know how that goes,,, cause its my story and I';m sticking to it!!!
    GOOD LUCK !!!