HELP FASTplease Falling asleep??

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  1. Slangx

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    I promise I'll take time to read other's posts & try to help if I can...but later. Right now I have a terrible problem. I can't stay awake!

    Since this is something that's happened to me off & on since I was a teen (I'm 36 now), I decided to come on here & ask if anyone else has experienced it.

    Occasionally, for no apparent reason, sometimes I'll suddenly find myself physically unable to stay awake - no matter what! And I may go months or even several years without an incident. As best as I can recall, it began happening in high school. (my chronic daily headaches began in 6th grade & worsened through jr. high and high school, eventually turning into migraines by age 20 or so).

    Anyway, (I'm trying to type fast, as I keep nodding off...forgive me if I typo)...back in high school there would be times in class where I'd suddenly just fall asleep. Sometimes on the weekends when I was out with friends, I'd have to stop somewhere & take a nap before I could drive home. No other choice - I simply **HAD** to sleep!! Other times, I'd actually fall asleep while driving home! Yeah, it was pretty scary. I never wrecked thank God, but sometimes another motorist would see me & honk their horn to jerk me awake.

    Fast forward years later (in my mid-twenties), I recall having another "cycle" or "spell" of this - whatever you want to call it. Remember, I said it doesn't happen all the time, and years can go by without it happening. But I do remember in my mid-twenties I had a desk job, and I'd simply fall asleep face-down on my desk, literally in a puddle of drool! (haha - not funny, but it kind of is).

    Now I've been fighting my headaches hardcore, because they've been so much worse in recent years. And also, following a car accident about 8 yrs ago, I was diagnosed with FM. In fact, I've been starting to realize that lately my headaches haven't been just Migraine -- I think they have been more related to either the FM, or just the neck injury from the car accident (or both).

    (no - the car accident was not my fault & had nothing to do with falling asleep. someone rear-ended me while I was stopped at a red light)

    So anyway, this week I've been having some bad headaches that are not migraine, but instead seem to be coming from my neck where I have 2 cervical discs out. And muscle spasms constantly, too. And along with these headaches this week, I am having trouble staying awake!

    Tues & Wed I was able to get thru the day by closing my office door & taking a 10-15 min. catnap a couple times throughout the day. But today it's only 9:00am, and I CANNOT STAY AWAKE!!!! I even walked across the office to get something, and to my horror I found myself standing there, having "snapped" myself awake! Thankfully nobody else was in the office yet. But I fell asleep on my feet??!!??!! It was only a few minutes, but still!

    OK, I can't write anymore. I've written too much already, sorry. But I don't have the strength to go back, re-read, & edit.

    I just want to know if anyone else has this problem of falling asleep when they shouldn't, and for no apparent reason (no, I haven't been drinking; no, I haven't taken any drowsy medicine; no, I haven't been up for 3 days straight; like I said: no apparent reason!) But I do have this bad headache, that is originating from my neck.

    Please, if anyone has any experience with falling asleep, please help me!

  2. jole

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    Hi slangx! Since you have had your problem of falling asleep since before your accident, I would guess it has nothing to do with your neck injury.

    Have you been to a doctor about this? It sounds like narcolepsy, or some type of it. If so, it can be treated with drugs. This can be quite serious especially when driving, etc.

    I would suggest you talk to your doctor about this, if you haven't. I really don't think it is part of FM. Fatigue, yes, and I have fallen asleep a time or two when I didn't want to, but not to the degree you're talking about.

    Friends -
  3. zenouchy

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    You poor dear, you have been dealing with this for so long and no answers! I would would see a neurologist. The reason I recommend a neurologist is that you are mentioning the sleep issues combined with the your head injury. (I know the sleep issues came first.)

    However, the head injury may be further compounding the sleep issues, and a skilled neurologist can help you figure this out and get you on the path to wellness. Please call soon because you don't want to fall asleep while driving! We'll be thinking about you. Please let us know how it goes.

    Warm hugs, Erika
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    Yes, I do fall asleep alot. Can't drive or work and sometimes when I fall asleep standing I've fallen-- worst time--- I had to go to the hospital after I fell in the hallway at night and hit my head against the wall before I could get back to bed. Had a grapefruit on my head and bruises all over my face, but luckily only minor concussion. I'm on Provigil now- they increased my dose after the fall. Sometimes my husband or family has to tell me to get to bed and I try to listen now. Or if we're at a restaurant or church he has to elbow me.
    When I was applying for disability, my doctor not only wrote a letter to SSD, but added an article from AMA, stating that studies had proved that a high percentege of people in car accidents become stricken with fibro and chronic fatigue.
    Also if you're on any beta-blocker for your migraines , that can seriously affect the chance of you falling.
    Hang in there though, my whiplash was in my teens, and wasn't diagnosed with fibromyalgia until 1995 (in my LATE 30'S) but didn't have to stop work or seek SSD until 2003. Hope this helps,
  5. pj13

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    I don't think it's meds or the accident, but you should check with your doc. Any way I had been on Vicodin for my migraines and NEVER had this kind of sleepiness. If you go to the CFIDS, M.E., and Chronic Fatigue Web page or read Mary Schweitzer's Homepage, they have some really good info on this problem. Also if you read any other posts on falling you'll find a lot of people w/fibro have this too.
    Hang in (and on) there,
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