Help!!! Feel terrible since shower.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Debgene56, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. Debgene56

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    Went into shower feeling my normal crappy self. Came out feeling like I am dying. I really invigarated my scalp and body for once. Felt like I was going to pass out when I came out. My head feels all tight with pressure, every place I have hurt got magnified. Feels like my body is not getting the oxygen it needs. It has been 30 minutes, not any better. Dose anyone get this, is it normal? Deb
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    Is it normal? No! Does it happen to others? Yes! It sounds like a result of dysautonomia, which means a malfunctioning autonomic nervous system. That means things your body should do on it's own don't happen for us.

    So when you are in a hot environment, like a shower, it physically drains you. When you stand up your blood pressure plunges. The list goes on. I used to have to lie down and rest after I took a shower and got dressed. I still get dressed sitting on my bed.

    I never stand when I can sit. I have a chair in my bathroom so I can sit to do my hair and makeup. I always keep my knees above my hips, using a small collapsible footrest I carry in my purse. I have a stool in my kitchen to use on the rare occasions when I cook.

    When I am out shopping I use the eletric carts provided at many stores and even malls. I now have my own scooter, so as long as the weather cooperates I can go just about anywhere I want.

    I take several meds to help regulate my blood pressure. They haven't cured the problem, but I am able to do more than I could without them. Before I could only sit up for a few minutes at a time before becoming short of breath.

    You can look up dysautonomia, neurally mediated hypotension, orthostatic intolerance, and you will find a wealth of info on this problem.

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    Gosh I 'm sorry about your shower event. The other day when I took a really hot bath I got out real dizzy. I did not feel like you but I think when you invigerate (sp) your body like that it causes all kinds of reactions. From what I have read in those books you have to take it easy. When it coems to exercising or any physical type thing. Even showering. If it does not get better about the oxygen thing I would call your doctor just to check. Madwolf is a physical assistant on this board...maybe you should direct this question to him. He's real good at this stuff. Also there are some nurses and Mikie. They all respond quickly and are so smart on this subject. Stay in bed and try a heating pad. Drink lots of water and eat something. I wish I were there to help you..I'm, so sorry sweetie...I'll try to ask Madwolf and Mikie to read this..Also read my post from yesterday I responded back to you. Love Pammela
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    You know what it feels like, like every good or bad in my bodie has come alive or energised. Even my indigestion. I am still kind of lightheaded when I walk. And my head still feels like it is in a vice, but I have had that feeling many times, and my bp has been ok, gotta go another post. Thanks and hugs. Deb
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    I am in the middle of a major burping spasm attack, when I get enough burps up my head feels better. am sucking on tums now. I had this burping and head sensation many times. I always thought my head was getting starved when I have these attacks. When this attack goes away, I should feel better, if not I will go to the er. Thanks for your concern and hugs, Deb
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    Plz go to the ER if you do not get better. Just hang in there better days will come.. Pammy
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    I am normally very gentle in the shower, quick shampoo and conditioner and a quick wash. My hair and my skin have gotten so dry I decided to try to moisturize my body. So I really scrubbed the stuff in to my head and I really massaged my neck ( getting rashy from dry skin.) Then my body. Every thing has calmed down, but my stomache. It feels like it is going to explode. I took tums and two gas-x. I have not eaten today which I know is making it worst. But the way I feel I can't even go near food. I cooked my favorites for supper, wasn't even tempted. This is how I felt before when I lost 36 pounds, didn't want to eat cause I felt so bad. I gadually forced myself to eat sm. amounts 3 times a day, till I was eating enough to slowly put on some weight, but it was such a struggle. Just found out about candida, will call a nutritionist tomorrow cause I need to change things quickly, with out loosing more weight. Thank you all so much, your the greatest. Keep you posted. Love, Deb
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    Was taking 40 mg of prilosec. Took 20mg last two days, and none today.
  9. Debgene56

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    How do you feel when you get out of the shower. I know I have been overwhekmed by the heat before. But today was a vigorous shower and a vigourous response. So much for spelling tonight. Hugs, Deb