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    Has anyone had a fibro flare after a colonoscopy? I had/have a flare going on right now and it started with the prep. My procedure was this past Monday. The night after my procedure my left leg, foot and knee felt like it was on fire. I ended up going to the ER because that same evening I woke up with major stomach pains, felt like someone was stabbing me. My DR. insisted I go to the ER so I did and everything was normal. My DR. was not understanding about the pain in my left leg. It hurts so much to even have my clothes on. It feels like my nerve endings are on fire. Has anyone discovered this? It seems to be letting up a bit but the pain in severe and I'm wondering if it's due to the major detox and cleansing they put our bodies through prior to the procedure?

    My results were good, no cancer but major stomach ulcers and polyps removed. The endoscopy was last week and I also had a polyp removed from my throat and again no cancer (Thank God)colon cancer runs in our family.

    I hope everyone is doing well and I have been absent due to health issues (go figure) I doubt my Marriage is going to last since this CFS and Fibro are kicking my butt and it's a strain on a new Marriage. My husband is trying but he's just sick of all of this and is not the most sensitive. I'm sure my husband must feel like he Married a lemon. I feel guilty that my chronic illness is taking a toll on him and it does not seem fair to him. It's amazing that I keep getting sick.

    Thanks for the feed back in advance, I really appreciate it.
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    hi there

    you are having a pretty rough time eh? you dont say if you have had a general anaesthetic for your recent procedure or not. If you did then it is almost certainly a post operative flare you are experiencing. It has been well documented that people who suffer from FMS have to have extra pain meds after surgery,there is even some pre op things to be adhered to as it has been proven that we are highly sensitive to pain after surgery and require longer post op care and higher pain meds for longer than a normal person recovering from an op. Surgery of any kind can kick start a post op flare which can be quite severe and last for some time,you need to see your doctor and explqain exactly how you have been feeling and get the appropriate pain killers to help you get over this uncomfortable period. As for the burning sensation you describe, one of the ways i describe the fibro pain is always by saying i feel like i have severe sunburn on the inside so i think its fair to say you are expreiencing a hightened pain sensation due to your colonoscopy.
    So sorry you are going through the mill and you must be at the end of your tether especially as you are recently married and this should be the happiest time of your life,please hold on to the hope that you are not alone and there is always someone here on the end of an e mail who can offer you help or support whenever you need it, i know it does nt sound like much but at times it is all we have got,bless all posters on this site xxx
    i hope you feel better soon and that you find a way to cope with this awful time you are going through.
    take care
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    Thank You Survivor for answering me with such kind words. Yes, I did have anesthesia, I was put to sleep because twilight does not work for me. I was not aware that this could put my body into a flare and I will need to learn the things I need to do before undergoing anesthesia again. Thanks once again, this board is so helpful. What do you do before surgery to prepare, any thoughts?

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