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    I am having problems with my hands, fingers, joints in hands, pads on hands and my temples hurt (could be my TMJ). I was driving 4 hours up and back to my farm and I do write a lot in my algebra class BUT I don’t think this much pain should result. Any one else have problems with this?

    I see OSS at the college and if my Dr. gives them a note about the Fibro I should get some extra help which will relieve some stress. Took a lot to ask though – I am a stubborn and prideful Irish woman!

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    You sound a lot like me ... Mom was Irish Dad was French Canadian. I got the worst of both worlds - hard headed and stubborn... haha
    I have actually told him that if he should ever see me crying from physical pain to not even ask me just call the ambulance.
    I use to crochet a lot and have made a prize winning table topper using string. Now after 5 minutes of trying to crochet my hands hurt so bad that I have to put it all down for several days.
    Most days I end the day with my hands in serious pain. I don't have medical coverage so going to the doctor or getting pain medication isn't going to happen any time soon either.
    This drives my husband crazy but what I do is right before bed I wash the dishes. (usually around 2 a.m.) He doesn't get it even though I tell him it eases the pain in my hands to have them in the hot water.
    BTW my hands and feet are always very cold.
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    HAHA boy I got a good laugh outa that!
    I was told back in 1983 that I had a "slight" case of arthritis in my hands and my left shoulder.
    There are times when I just don't want to move at all because I hurt so bad.
    it's no fun now that I can't crochet anymore.