Help!!!!FMQueen and others..have pain dr. appt. tomorrow

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    My dr. diagnosed me with fibro but wont give any meds,says its a pschosomatic illness..So he refeerred me to pain clinic..ANd i'm going there tomorrow and starting to worry that hell be like my dr. and not believe me so ill either get pissed or my mind will go blank..LOL But seriously what do you say to someone that doesnt believe you
    I'll probably cuss him out because im in so much pain..But I would like to be able to talk to him calmly and firmly and tell him about the pain......Any comments or sugestions greatly appreciated...getting tired now..thanks ev1 tc Deb
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  3. rose38716

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    If he or she is a "pain" doctor they should believe you. Why else would you be there? Seriously, if they at all doubt you, walk out the door. Do not waste your time and money on someone. Don't get defensive - just say that you will see someone who is more knowledgeable than they are and leave. They shouldn't put YOU on the defensive - you should put THEM on the defensive. What are they there for, if not to treat pain, huh?

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    you should have these lists, they helped me w/my pain Doc, because I documented everything, he did believe me. Otherwise I think he might not of. and he also saw that I was trying everything such as exercise, heat, ice, biofeedback, relaxation, etc...
    Pain Diary
    activities diary(what you did during the day or could not do)
    exercise diary
    sleep diary
    pain management plan
    I copied these sheets in multiples from a fibromyalgia book I bought, they are from the arthritis foundation'
    I will keep you in my prayers. Just be yourself and try not to get emotional, I think DOcs relate to this better, Just my opinion, God bless, keep us posted! Iggy
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