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    I have not posted on here for a while, just mostly enjoy reading others comments. I have been having a problem with my left foot for over a month now. The pain is so excrutiating the moment that I step out of bed in the morning. As the day goes on and I take ibprofen it helps to take the edge of off the pain, but does not stop it. I have been to the Dr. and he had it xrayed, which showed a heel spur, but no broken bones or fractures. He really felt the pain was more from fibro than anything else. I do not go back to see him until September. Does anyone have any suggestions, I have tried soaking it. Does a heel spur ever go away by itself? Or, how do thay treat it. I have also put extra padding in my shoe, and it didn't help either. Henry Ann
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    Do a google search on plantar fascitis and also one on calcaneal bursitis.

    Is your foot pain on the bottom of the foot or the inside of the heelbone?

    I have both conditions. The plantar fascitis is not bothering me right now. But I am having a flare up of calcaneal bursitis.

    I just had a doctor's appt this am and he told me to ice it down 3x a day, take 3 Motrin 3x a day, and wear comfortable supportive shoes (no bare feet), and to see him again in 10 days and we would re-evaluate it.

    It can be caused by repetitive stress (like runners have) OR as part of an autoimmune condition like Crohn's (which is what I have in addition to FM).

    It sounds like your doc has done an x-ray so it probably isnt serious. You could ask him if the icing and Motrin would help you.

    If it's plantar fascitis (on the bottom of the foot) there are special exercises to deal with that (my rheumy showed me 2 good ones), plus icing the area.

    A podiatrist can be helpful, plus orthotics if needed. I haven't gone that route yet.

    Try and deal with it because if it gets really bad you can tear your Achilles tendon and then that is a real mess (requires surgery).

    Good luck!
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    I'm bumpin this for ya.

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    the exact same thing happened to me. Foot pain, x ray revealed heel spur. doctor didn't think that was what was causing the pain, though. It has gotten better, but is still a tender area. exercise, meds, comfy shoes, and better sleep, made it a bit better. i think it's all part of the fibro. maybe b/c there is a heel spur there, and we are very sensitve to pain, it is amplified.
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    Thank you to those who responded to my question. I am doing a little more research on it and also plan to try some exercises. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for the help. It is great belonging to a "fibro family" henryann
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    I also have this problem but it was helped greatly by a wonderful physiotherapist. He worked on my calves, did stretches and worked on my upper and lower back. Miracle relief.
    Good luck
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    The only thing I have ever heard about heel spurs is that they are extremely painful. I don't know for sure if they go away or not, I would do a google search as already suggested and let my doctor know that I want an appointment with a foot doctor.

    Take care

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    Gosh so sorry you have heel spurs. I understand they are very, very painful and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

    I have flare ups of plantar fasciitis now and again but I imagine a bone spur is more painful.

    I know the a person can have heel spurs and plantar fasciitis each by itself or together.

    There are shoe inserts your podiatrist can order for you that are made like a little donut to take the weight off and to relieve pressure from the bone spur.

    Here is a site for information:

    To relieve some of the soreness soak your feet in hot water with Epsom's salt, and vinegar it really works.

    I hope you find some relief,

    Karen :)
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    I got the most relief from my plantar fasciitis with a pair of New Balance shoes.