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    Hi Everyone. I wanted to share some information about something I recieved in the mail.

    Several weeks ago I responded to a small post-card type questionaire that I received in the mail. It was asking if I had problems sleeping and was an advertisement for Ambien CR. One of the questions was concerning whether the cost of Ambien CR would be a preventive factor in my buying it.

    My insurance does not cover sleeping medicines. I stated this in my response.

    So, the manufacturer of Ambien CR sent me a coupon for 7 free tablets. I must get a prescription from my doctor for the Ambien CR. Then take the RX plus the coupon to the pharmacy and get my free Ambien CR.

    AND, they also sent me a plastic card (looks like a credit card) which I can present to the pharmacy and get $20. off my next 5 Ambien CR prescriptions.($20.00 off each refill)

    They sent me information and signed me up for a new program called "CR Extras". They will send substantial money-saving offers in the future.

    You can contact the manufacturer of Ambien CR at this address:
    400 Pennington Avenue
    P.O.Box 12048
    Trenton, NJ 08650

    Again, the program is called "CR Extras".

    I hope this information helps someone to get their medicines at a lower cost.

    If I can help any further, please let me know.


    P.S. I need to add that there's no phone number or e-mail address on the information they sent me. Just the address.
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