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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kelly75, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Kelly75

    Kelly75 New Member

    Does anyone know of any help, message board groups, or anything made for support of caregivers to vent and maybe get even more ideas? Does anyone know of any good books on caring for someone with FMS. I feel like I have read them all, but I am sure I have not.

    Thank you for your help and guidance!
  2. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Are welcome to come here I imagine if they wish to talk about caring for some of us with this illness. I wouldn't know why not, I see people come here for their friends.
  3. Tomatofire

    Tomatofire New Member

    Are there any caregivers out there?
    Do you exist?
    I am feeling like there is no one to talk to. My wife is starting a support group for FM but I don't know if the caregivers will come.
    Heck just listening to the folks that have FM sounds like no one believes them.

    I am tired of trying to talk to people who just don't understand what it's like to feel helpless with that dreaded FM desease.

    Am I alone?
  4. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    a caregiver's board on this site. Looks like it got the ax. I used to do some caregiving and I used it although it wasn't that active (probably why it's no longer here)

    Yes, I know caregivers of all kinds REALLY could use an ACTIVE message board. I looked very hard for one when I was a caregiver and was surprised to find very little out there!

    I'm sure people on this board will be happy to help support you, but I know there is nothing else like communicating with others who are in your same position.

    Best wishes for you.
  5. Tomatofire

    Tomatofire New Member

    Thanks Sleepy
    My wife was just diognosed in 01. We married in 99 but I had no idea what was going on with her. Not saying that it would have changed my mind about marrying her.

    Hope more care givers reach out.

    Tomatofire from South Dakota
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  6. androushka

    androushka New Member

    I'm a caregiver, my GF has been ill for 8 months or so, recently diagnosed with CFS. I try and balance looking after myself and care for her, some days I feel it's just life, I'll do what I can each day and it'll work out, other days the whole situation messes me up to no end.
  7. 2bafriend

    2bafriend New Member

    I have a friend with Fibro, but i don't really consider myself a caregiver... just someone who cares about her nomatter what, & will stand by her through whatever comes. Today was a hard day for her, and though she said i didn't need to, i did her dishes, and helped her with a few little things. How can i help her & not make her feel like i think she is helpless.... because though i know she CAN do these simple things, i also know that it really drains her and hurts her, & i want her to save her energy for laughing, smiling, and caring about herself...
  8. Tomatofire

    Tomatofire New Member

    Thanks for the message. I appreciate and sure your friend appreciates what you are doing. My sister said there are times that you can't do anything for my wife but by just being there is what counts.

    How does one live there own life with out the other person taking over?
  9. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Caregivers - what wonderful gifts. I know that without my husband, I truly do not know where I would be.

    He helps me tremendously with so many things, but one of the most important things he does for me - is help me emotionally.

    The guilt that I feel for not accomplishing anything during the day is overwhelming. My husband is the first one to say "Good for you", when I say I took a nap. When he leaves for work in the morning, he tells me to rest the minute I get home from work. Those are the kinds of things that mean more to me than anything. By saying those things, I know that the dishes in the sink don't bother him etc.

    He knows how much I HATE this FM. I have often said I wished I lived alone just so that he didn't have to see me like I am sometimes. Of course, he gets mad at me - and I don't really mean I would ever want to live alone, but as a wife, working Mom, we are so used to juggling and handling so many things. When we cannot do all of the things we think we should be able, we question our self-worth.
    Having someone make us still feel valued, beautiful, important and loved in spite of our shortcomings is well...a true gift. Thank you!
  10. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Have you checked out the National Family Caregivers Association? It can be found at:

    I don't know much about this organization. It appears to offer some helpful advice and support.

    Thanks to all who care for those of us who are ill!


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