Help for Gulf War Syndrome Victims?

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    I NEED TO VENT! Please read to the end to understand my message.

    Just saw a feature article on TV about the aftermath of the Gulf War as a result of the oil wells being ignited. Besides the toxic fire and smoke, millions of gallons of oil also leaked into the ocean, devastating the shoreline. Birds would land in the oil-soaked water and become coated with oil, unable to fly or eat, and die.

    Hundreds of volunteers scoured the beaches each day, picking up live birds, taking them to a makeshift bird hospital to scrub them, feed them, etc. THEN the birds had to be tended to FOR ANOTHER SIX MONTHS until the shoreline was cleaned up and the birds' natural body oils returned so they would be "waterproof" again.

    BEAR WITH ME.....I'M GETTING TO MY POINT! (and it's not about birds)

    When I see shows like this, I wonder where our priorities are. Don't get me wrong, I am one of the biggest animal lovers on the planet, and I know these birds needed help.

    BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR TROOPS THAT BREATHED IN THESE TOXIC FUMES, CAME HOME AND DEVELOPED "GULF WAR SYNDROME"? (remarkably similar to FMS and CFIDS). WHERE ARE THE HUNDREDS OF VOLUNTEERS FOR THESE VETERANS? Do you see any volunteers scrubbing the houses of these vicitms because these troops don't have the energy? Or feeding them? Food was furnished to the was scrubbing!

    I just don't get it. I hear of surgeons and nurses donating many, many hours performing surgery FREE OF CHARGE on some person from some foreign country. Usually COSMETIC surgery! Where are the free doctors and nurses FOR US?

    If anyone can explain the ways of humanity to me, please do!

    Thanks for letting me vent,

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    Not only did the GW vets not get help, the govt. stonewalled them and claimed that GWI didn't exist. If it weren't for Dr. Garth Nicolson finding the mycoplasmas so common in GWI, CFS, and FMS, I'm sure the govt. would continue to stonewall. It's interesting that the govt. now admits that the incidence for ALS is very high in the GW vet population.

    I think the mycoplasmas contaminated the vaccines and left the vets open to all kinds of stresses to their immune systems from the toxins they encountered, not to mention the horrible damage from the mycoplasma infections themselves.

    Love, Mikie
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    As they say, "don't get me started!" The government's response to most of our Veterans, including Gulf War veterans, is a whole separate subject about which we could gripe forever.

    You know so much more about this DD than I do. I'm going to have to study up on mycoplasmas!

    Thanks for the reply.
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    This issue makes me so angry. The Gulf War vets were over there serving our country and come back sick from it and the goverment doesn`t want to give them treatment. It is so wrong. I am ashamed that we did this to them.

    I`m also afraid of what the guys over in Iraq now are going to come home with. I feel sorry for them and their families.
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    ........Soldier dies of Lupus after vaccinations

    Soldier dies after smallpox vaccination
    Rachael Lacy was with an Army Reserve combat surgical unit.
    By Paul Meincke

    April 9, 2003 — A funeral was held today for a 22-year-old Army Reservist from the south suburbs. She was not a casualty of war, but died several days after receiving the smallpox vaccine.

    Rachael Lacy was with an Army Reserve combat surgical unit. When it was activated in February, everyone in the unit as a standard procedure for their deployment was given a number of vaccinations. Not long after that, Rachel got sick. She never recovered.
    In her civilian life, Rachael Lacy was studying to become a nurse. In her military life, as an Army reservist, Rachael was a combat medic. Her unit was activated in February. Their destination is the Persian Gulf.

    "She was ready to work and step in and give all the help she could," said Jennifer Batie, friend.
    The opportunity to help on the battlefield never presented itself for Rachel. She died Friday after her own battle with illnesses that developed after she received a number of vaccinations for her overseas deployment. One of them was for smallpox. Her friends and family believe that may have contributed to her death.

    Not long after she took ill in mid March, Rachael was diagnosed with Lupus, an auto-immune disorder that leaves the body less resistant to disease. Rachael was unaware of it, so was her family, and so, too, was the Army. Even as her condition worsened, her friends say Rachael remained, as always, upbeat.

    "Even in the hospital, Rachael talked about getting better and said, 'I'm going with my unit.' That's all she wanted to do. She said, 'I'm getting better and I'm going with my unit.' I'm like, 'Slow down, Rachael. Slow down. You have to take the medication,'" said Jeanette Batie.
    But the medication didn't help. Rachael died under care of physicians at the Mayo Clinic. Her funeral was held Wednesday.

    Her family and friends--civilian and military--are devastated by her loss. Though autopsy results are still pending, many of them are convinced that the vaccinations-- given her body's immune system--ultimately led to her death.

    "She had anthrax, smallpox, something like malaria, influenza," said Batie.
    "Instead of giving all the vaccinations, they should give time in between," said Ferris Batie, friend.

    Rachel's unit remains stationed at Fort McCoy where the vaccinations were administered. A base public affairs officer has not been able to confirm for us all the vaccines that were involved, but she does say that in the case of Lacy, neither she nor her medical records indicated anything other than a healthy young lady. If there'd been any evidence to the contrary, she would not have been vaccinated. Still, her family and friends have many questions and intend to pursue them.
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    That GWI was caused by mycoplasma contamination of vaccines. The govt. would like us to believe it was something done by Saddam instead of by our own govt.

    I got sick before the vets left for the war, Dec. 24, 1990. I was living next to a military installation where the soldiers were receiving their vaccinations. It made me very sick and left me crippled for months. I suspect I got it in the Christmas shopping crowds from a soldier who was contageous.

    I had to take 800 mgs of ibuprophen every six hours for months just to be able to work and even then, I couldn't sit, walk, or do much of anything without stiffness and pain. I can look back into childhood and see symptoms, so I believe that while my illnesses were triggered by the mycoplasma infection, I was genetically predisposed to FMS/CFIDS. My Mom had FMS, possibly my Grandmother, and both my daughters have FMS, one with interstitial cystitis and vulvadynia.

    Love, Mikie
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    Bumping for Cicero......
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    Hi i have to agree with you i have cfs and fm and my husband was in the war in 91 he has many different things going on in his body and it's all been since he was there no one seems to believe him but i see him getting worse every day hes still able to work and live a halfway normal life but he is just so frustrated that the docs dont believe him im praying for all vets kris