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    I have horrible leg and foot pain and am looking for ways to help other than pain meds (which I take) and capscian rubs. I also have tried epsom salts. What I am curious about are the foot massagers and foot soaking machines and especially reflexology.

    Thank you all for you input


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    GAlynn, have you or your med consultants figured out what contributes to the pain? Is it more muscle/joint/tendon/ligament/nerve/bone or some combo?

    IME a good podiatrist can be extremely helpful for foot pain -- but do a little networking first rather than just picking one out of the phone book.

    If you cannot afford a podiatrist, have you tried using a cushioning type of insole in your shoes?

    Speaking of shoes -- impt to be sensible when you have foot pain. Ditch the heels, go for a shoe that is supportive without cramping any part of your foot. Examine current shoes for wear, as worn-down heels or broken-down support can stress the foot structure.

    Foot problems can cause leg pain & sometimes pain higher up as well.

    Ck your activities & exercise regimen for things that might be contributing to the pain.

    My experience with foot massagers is that any relief they give is fairly minor & temporary. Your mileage may vary. Ditto the whirlpool type foot soaker machines. If money is a prob & you want to try these out, check local thrift stores. They are readily available second hand.

    If it's the ionic type foot soak machines you are interested in, opinions vary on the usefulness vs. scam aspect. Research carefully, these are expensive.

    I am currently unable to tolerate oral NSAIDs for pain, however I do find that RX topical NSAID is very helpful for problem areas. I use topical ketoprofen in DMSO gel, which is a prescription compound not a big pharma med. You apply a small dot to any sore area of your foot & within minutes the pain starts going away. Many podiatrists prescribe a topical NSAID -- reg MDs can as well but most are not familiar with it.

    On a final note -- if you have tendonitis issues as part of your foot & leg pain, it is very helpful to both ensure that you are getting adequate B6, & that your free T3 (active thyroid hormone) level is close to mid-range. Low levels of either B6 or T3 can contribute to nasty tendinitis -- which can occur anywhere in the body, but feet are one prime target.

    My info comes from personal experience/pain, as well as that of my family.

    Best wishes.
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