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  1. debswen5

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    I was taking enough narcotics to knock off a herd of elephants to get rid of my headaches..told my dr. if he read in the newspaper that I had commited suicide, to send in a correction that I was just trying to get rid of a headache! Anyway..he said lets go back to 1st base. This is what I (my dr.) takes for his headaches: 1 Anaprox (NOT GENERIC!!!!!) & 1 extra strength Tylenol. may be thinking "right"! Anaprox is Rx. strength aleve. It works synergistically with the Tylenol with no drugged up feelings. Everyone that I know that has tried it has had success. The anaprox is not cheap, depends on what type of Rx. plan you have. Take it with food, and do not get generic anaprox. What have you got to lose beside you headache? Makes sense that it works because many headaches are caused by inflammation of the meninges. Your dr. may say just take 2 aleve, but be persistent! There must be a good reason why they have Rx. strength! Good luck!
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    Thereis all kind of new migraine meds out now beside the pain med. I now take malta for mine the one that desolve in you mouth works good. But there are others. If it is inflammation and not constriction of the blood vessels maybe a steriod shot. I have to get these when this area behind my ear gets inflammation due to my neck. It really helps. Rigby
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    I have had migranes since i was around 6, about 11 years ago. I have taken all kind of medication and tried different WIERD diets. But in the end... all it took was a little 50 mg magic tablet called Atenolol. Originally it was taken to lower blood pressure, but a side effect is a GIANT reduction in migranes. I was having migranes 4-5 times a week untill i took this, now i have less than 1 a month.
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    Unfortunately, people, like me, who suffer from depression cannot take Atenolol. For some reason, that class of drugs can exacerbate your depression, though I have heard it works wonders.

  5. jaltair

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    Zomig may be taken after the headache begins and usually will knock it with one tablet. I couldn't be without it!
  6. Beadlady

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    but the last time I was at my drs. office the only migraine samples they had were Maxalt. I had a migraine yesterday that prevented me from going to work & I took a Maxalt. It made me feel rather weird & really tired, but finally in the afternoon I started feeling human again.

    I'm definately going to try to continue with the Zomig.
  7. kimfibro

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    a friend of mine says her cousin has had migraines for years and the past few years has been applying 'BenGay' to her temples, forehead, sinus area. wherever relief would be needed most on an individual basis.

    well, she swears by this. she applies it, lays down, rests and it does the trick.

    i have not tried this yet so can't comment further. i am awaiting the next migraine i get to try this!

    what i've been doing is taking excedrin with rest and quiet. it takes time but does help a lot.
  8. texasmaia

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    My migraine answer has been to PREVENT them not doctor them after I get them. I asked my doc to try the Topomax and it has been a miracle drug for me. I've been on it maybe 9 months now and have had 4 migraines. I was having 3 a week prior to taking this medicine!!

    Topomax is an anti-seizure drug used for epilepsy, however, they found it very effective in the prevention of migraines. If I remember right the regular dosage is like 200+mg a day and I only take 25mg. So it just takes a little and no more migraines.

    If you have regular migraines, BEG your doc to prescribe this stuff to you. Do a search on it and read up on the internet. I would much rather prevent them than treat them!
    It have saved my sanity.

  9. jake123

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    I just posted in another place that I am taking Topamax, Relpax, and I can add Indomethecin (an antiinflammatory) if it is bad. The doctor also gave me some Skelaxin - a muscle relaxant and Phenergan for nausea. If all that doesn't get it, I go to the ER where they treat me kind of shabby but still give me a shot and I go home and sleep.
    I agree that it is much better to prevent than to treat.
  10. debswen5

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    Thanks for your remarks.
    I have gotten 3 botox injections this past year...but all my migraines are generated from my neck...wanted to mention also that sniffing peppermint is a great help, as well as ice packs on the neck, as well as running a vibrating massager all over your head.(seriously) Origins has a peppermint sensory therapy lotion($10)called Peace of Mind® On-the-spot relief. My daughter was 13 at the time and went to find something for my headaches and lo and behold she bought me this for a xmas gift. And what a gift she is and it is! I smear some under my nose and it really helps!

    Okay...I'm ready to read all the remarks about the vibrating massager.
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    ...pain meds (prescription narcotics or OTCs) do very little for my migraines. I have to take the Triptan-style drugs that shrink the swelled blood vessels in the brain---pain meds may temporarily take the edge off, but they don't get rid of the pain because they don't act on the blood vessels the way Triptans do. I try to use them sparingly, but I have to have my Maxalt (one of many Triptans, like Imitrex, Relpax, etc.) or I couldn't function at my job. As it is, I've never had to call in sick because of a migraine, or go home early. These drugs are very effective for me.

  12. busybusymom

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    Boy, I'm glad I'm not the only one with migraines!

    I literally just posted that I bought mag glycinate last week and ,after having a daily migraine for a month, it has helped relieve the pain, and today I had NO migraine! It is a muscle relaxant and helps with the muscle pain in the neck, traps and midback as well. I take 200 mg in the a.m. and 200 mg in the p.m. So far no diarrhea (biggest side-effect).