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    My life has gone through a lot of tense & strainful periods. From last 8-9 yrs I am experiencing acute memory/concentration problems. Physician told that my tests show poor blood circulation & something called Hippocampus lesions. I don't know what exactly it means.As my short memory is going to zero, atleast acute hippocampus weakness is there

    From last one month I have started a store job where I have to remain standing for continuous 11 hrs/day. The first one in my years of sedentary life style but may be thats the only one I can do now. But since then I am feeling a lot dull feeling in area around ears, weakness in left eye and poor coordination. I mean a lot weakness in one side of head and body infact.
    Also my short term memory has gone a lot more low. I just can’t remember anything even after few seconds. I think may be some nerve is getting pressed somewhere or blocked circulation. I get just a one day off in whole week in which I prefer to be on rest but again worst starts from the next day.

    I don't want to leave this job & also don't want to further loose my memory capability. Can you suggest like what best I can do for this- May be to improve circulation or recovering the weakness ?


    Have a wonderful weekend........Rodzen Roxa