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    Hi all,
    I was chatting to a fellow CFS sufferer,and discussing not being able to sleep,and it goes on for days.She said she used a homeopathy remedy called ARNICA.I was sceptical but will try anything.I got some arnica 200c tabs,and WOW,i slept from 10.30pm until 7.15am,awoke twice but went straight back to sleep.I am WELL IMPRESSED.
    I take them 1 hour before i go to bed.They are good for internal bruising also and as i have lower back pain,i can say they are helping that also!!!.
    Thought i would share it with you.
    P.s,have seen them for sale on ebay,for about £6.
    Take care
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    Which website did you use? Would you please do me a favor if you can and check the info on Melatonin? I would really appreciate it. Thank you kindly!

    Hugs. doloresf1
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    I've been prescribed homeopathic Arnica by a surgeon -- it's supposed to help bruising. Didn't realize it was good for sleep as well!

    I've had very good results taking sleep supplements that contain magnesium, calcium, and melatonin. Another thing to try, if you're interested, is ProHealth's Fibrosleep, which is good for those of us with CFS too!

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    Hi to all. I too go to a docter who does homeopathic, he is a medical dr. and a DO who I trust. I was precribed a remedy called heart/fatigue with arnica/montana 4x with other remedys in it 7 drops at bedtime. I'm not taking it now but I'm going to ask to. What other remidies do you take? He is the only Dr. who has helped me, and he is with a orthopedic clinic. It took over a year but I'm 71 and FM for twenty years. I would like to compare experiences, my family doesn't trust homeopathic but you do what you have to do. I'm not in bed like I used to be. Hope to hear from you. Take care. Betty I don't post a lot but I'm on every day for support.
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    I have also used homeopathic remedies from a practioner but it was before i started with CFS.At the moment i am under a great doc here in the uk who also does alot of work in the states.He uses a combination of antibiotics and boy do i feel better when i take them.Its early days for me yet only been suffering for a year.He has recently been to the MAYO clinic,i guess you will have heard of it.
    I also take echinacea tincture,multivits,llysine.The llysine is a herbal antibiotic i believe and sends the epstein barr virus into remission.
    I try to avoid lots of sugary foods as i have been told it weakens the immune system.
    Hope this helps.I dont post alot myself,i find it too tiring,but i read again for ideas and support.
    Take care all
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    I definately think homeopathy works,i have also used it for depression and it was great.I will try the site you suggested,thankyou.I remember the homeopath saying i would feel worse before i felt better,this puts me off slightly as i dont want to feel any worse than i have and do.
    I have read so much info on CFS and LYME and various treatments work for some i guess and not others.I have a good herbalist near to me and she said if you find something that works stick with it!!.So i think you should definatly think about starting up with your homeopath again.
    Good luck,hope you get some relief.