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    Hi everyone, have a question for you all! My husband has copd, conjestive heart failure, diabetes, and uncontrollable hypertension. But, he also has awful swelling of his feet and legs, and his doctors tell me there is nothing else they can give him for it. They swell to the point of cracking and bleeding and hurt him all the time. Just looking for some suggestions or old time remedies that might at least help take away some of the pain he has in them. He takes 2 water pills a day,a whole lot of other medications for his heart, blood pressure, diabetes, and the water retention, but nothing helping and they now have him on the strongest dose of the water pill they can give is what they are telling me. OH, and he is on oxygen 24hrs a day.

    I know salt causes swelling, but he does not eat salt, and i don't cook with salt, and i do not buy prepared foods, due to his health, i try to keep everything as natural as possible, but nothing helping.

    So i am open to any suggestions you all may have, and i have read all kinds of articles, but can not find anything that is helping even a little bit.

    Thank you,
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    I will try what u suggested after i talk to his doctor and the pharmacy. And yes,he just had all of his levels checked for everything including the magnesium, and the doc said they were all good, except his sugar levels. They can not seem to bring that under control, and it has been over a year now. His sugar still runs way over the 200 mark with his diet, and medication. So if this stuff you suggested helps with diabetes also, then maybe that will help get that under control a little also.

    Again, thank you for your advice.

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    My Dad was dealing with legs swelling so bad as a result of problems with his heart and circulation. What the doctor had the assisted living nurse do was wrap his legs then elevate his legs in bed--this was very important to help aleviate the swelling and the fluids that accumulated in his legs. It would make him more comfortable. No food diet, meds or supps. could change the problem he was having.