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    Hi all,

    Haven't posted in a while so many may not know me. For those who are new, I am a fairly long time member who is blessed to be in remission.

    Like every other human on the planet at some point in their lives, I fell victim to the flu this past April. Seeing how late it was in the "season" I struggled with the diagnosis until I learned that this year's batch was a late bloomer ... so to speak.

    I had all the classic symptoms of high fever (101-103), sweats, chills, headache, dry cough and zero appetite for the usual length of time .... about 6 days.

    Being who I am I also relapsed 48 hours after being fever free .... ( did too much physical work too soon.) This brought on another full week of the flu nightmare!

    Of course I was scared spit-less that this was going to send me straight back to CFS/FMS jail ..... no passing go and no collecting 200.00 dollars.

    I started back as soon as I was able to on my CFS viral treatment stuff .... Transfer Factor, Whey Protein, colostrum, 3grams Vitamin C 3xd, etc.

    It seemed to work well. I went back to my pre-flu agenda. Legitimately dragging and wimpy though.

    Biggest concern that kept me scared spit-less were the two swollen lymph nodes the flu left behind. One on the left side of my neck and the other in my left arm pit.

    Reason why I am writing this post is that the things are gone. Poof! Vanished overnight it seems and I feel the difference their departure has made in my health.

    I have in my arsenal a very good grade l-cysteine amino acid formula that I used for an entirely different reason in times past.

    It is a very important part of creating intracellular glutathione ..... which in turn is one of the most powerful antioxidants / detoxifies our bodies have. It is the glutathione in whey protein that makes it so helpful to us.

    Reasons why l-cysteine would be low are oxidative stress, sustained inflammatory response and methionine insufficiency or malabsorption. Things you can bank on occurring during a bout of the flu.

    I started with 750mgs l-cysteine and then increased to 1500mgs. It took about 9 days for those lymph nodes to disappear.

    I did get a herx response that wasn't great ... low grade fever, so-so appetite, weak and a kinda-sorta sinus infection thing that lasted all told four days.

    This is similar, but not the same as NAC which many of ya'll may be familiar with.

    The l-cysteine I use also has 135mcgs selenium and 130mcgs of folate included.

    What I found so significant is that when working to beat back CFS/FMS, the whey protein, colostrum and TFs combination did the job. (I did start my early treatment with rx anti-virals though.)

    In the case of this flu, it took the added l-cysteine to get rid of those gosh-awful swollen, and at times painful and scary, lymph nodes.

    I was impressed enough with the result that I wanted to pass the information on to the group. For reference, I took it on an empty stomach, alone with nothing to compete with it and for the most part 1 time / day. (I did have 2xd in there a few days .... 1500mg AM and 750mg late afternoon.)

    I hope some may find this helpful. Again for those who don't know me, I have a team of sorts of health-care professionals to guide me ......

    Three Md's (Sleep Specialist, PCP and Integrated) and a Natural Health Doctor all whom I count on to keep me out of trouble. The Natural Health doc gets the credit for pulling this one out of the fire.

    Take care,

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    This is helpful and I'm glad you have found better health. This will bump it up for others to see.

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    glad to see you back and posting.

    Thanks for the info. Luckily I haven't had a flu or anything worse than a cold in several years, however I do frequently get swollen nodes. They just pop up out of the blue for several days about every 6 weeks or so. Next time I'm out at the pharmacy or target I'll take a look for the things you've suggested.

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    I have plateaued on my ability to exercise because of the lymphgland thingy. Thanks for the info and the explanation.



    PS, very glad to hear you are doing so well, too!
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    Thanks for the bump Kathy ..... These lymph nodes cause some of us nasty problems .....

    Charlie .... How painful for you. I have been lucky not to have any swollen glands in areas that restrict my actually moving around .... Och! Maybe you can run the idea past your doctor and see if it might help.

    Also, I agree that these inflammation periods go hand in hand with our immune systems. I have had these things for two months .... felt O.K. but not great. Now I am much as I was before the flu came down the pike.

    Just Looking .... Glad to see you! (So to speak,lol) Thanks for the welcome ..... I think it might be handy to have l-cysteine around in case of another round lymph gland problems .....

    Spacee ..... HAHAHAHA LOL, LOl "lymphgland thingy" .... I for sure didn't see that one coming! Too funny! Maybe check it out and see if it is appropriate for you .... Might just get you back moving again. It's great for hair too by the way.

    Thanks all of you. I will be gone for most of the day tomorrow. If someone could help keep this bumped up I would appreciate it. I'll check in a couple of times tho ...

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    bump bump bump
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    I have only read post here for about 4 months. I have posted several times mostly about my swollen scare the heck out of me lymph nodes!! Mine stay swollen all the time. As a matter of fact I have had them for three years- all under both my arms. As long as the blood test come back normal the doctors will not do a thing about them. Even though they are swollen all the time they hurt off and on.
    Where do you go to buy l-cysteine? Is there a cirtain brand you prefer? Also can you take it with high blood pressure meds?
    I really hope this is an answer to my prayers...
    And thank you
  8. mlrarr

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    Me again. Just hoping that you will post again today so I can go get that stuff
    Can you also be precise about all that you take? I know nothing about building up my system.