Help for "The Secret Killer" Inflammation

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    As a reiki practitioner I have come accross many hurting folks especially with the diagnoisis of Fibromyalgia. Sometimes it is accurate diagnoisis other times it is not.

    Some helpful tools:

    Find a good Reiki Practitioner to work with ...consider becoming attuned yourself. Reiki helps the stress level of dealing with chronic pain.

    Two a good chiropractor can take a deeper look at issues to see if it is truly fibro you are dealing with. If you are in the Schererville, IN area Dr. Lori Enevoldsen is one of the tops in her field. She has had great success with fibro patients.

    Three a breakthrough that helped me was Nopalea you can find out more on this at I would never normally recommend a product unless it proved great success. I think this pro health is a wonderful place and I know many will find help thru it and thru the link i have sent.

    I have regained my life. Much of my health issues were actually sleep apena. So I speak from a place of love and truth.
    Much healing to all of you!

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