Help for those who need assistance buying meds

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    I thought I would pass this information along. I saw this on a news program and thought some of you might find this helpful. This site is to help those who have problems purchasing their meds. I know you are not supposed to post urls so hopefully "helpingpatients" org is something someone can use.

  2. cmcm

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    Just thought I would bump this up incase someone missed it that could find this site useful.

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    The above is also another site in which one can work in, conjunction with their physician, to obtain prescriptions.
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    not too long ago. I didn't even know that doctors were aware of the drug companies giving away drugs. But they do!! I spend $204 a month on Mirapex from my Neurologist for tremors and RLS. He didn't want to fill out the form for me to get free Mirapex. He had the audacity to pretend he didn't know there was a program for free drugs!! Phony baloney!! Doctors are lazy. They don't have time to save you money, they have to get on to the next patient for THEIR money.
    I spend $218 a month for Paxil. My shrink came right out and told me she didn't want to have to fill out the form for me to get free Paxil, it's too much bother! OMG! there are 3 lines on the form, it took her 2 minutes to write her fricking license number and sign her name. I was furious. I get 1300 bucks a month and she doesn't want to spend 2 minutes to save me 200 dollars!! During my appt. no less!