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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by schmoo47, Oct 30, 2003.

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    Is anyone out there experiencing tinnitus (ear ringing)? My doctor added a blood pressure medicine due to high B/P in the morning. I was already on 2 other B/P medicines and taking Ativan for severe anxiety. About 2 days after adding the third med, I started experiencing ear ringing. I saw an ENT who could not find anything clinically wrong with me and he recommeded discontinuing 2 B/P meds and starting a new one. That was over 2 weeks ago and I am still experiencing the ear ringing. My anxiety level now is very high. The Ativan helps, but this ear ringing is driving me up a wall. My question is: How do you cope with the ear ringing and get through each day?
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    there is a herbal medication called ginko biloba, this has been used for tinnitus and allthough it will not cure the noises you are experiencing it will should take it for a month before you actually see any differance. you could also try your g.p. as there are such things as masking devices, these also help.

    good luck 2tolookafter
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    Thanks for your reply. I find that having the radio on helps alot, but not completely. Thus my anxiety level is very high. I see a psychiatrist on Monday and hope she can help me out.

    Thanks again!
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    First of all, definately call your doctor. I know ear ringing can be a side effect of many meds. Anxiety can also make it worse, trust me there.

    I have had tinnitus now for almost 15 years. I have become so use to it that now the only time it bothers me really is when the house is extremely quiet. So, I try to mask the sound during that time by having t.v. on or a radio. At night, I must have a fan on...always! There are also machines you can buy that provide background noise (like a rainfall).

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    Thanks Karen for your reply. I also find that the TV and radio helps. When I get the tinnitus I become even more anxious, which doesn't help. I guess it is something we must live with and hope eventually it will go away. Since you have suffered for 15 years, I hope your time is coming when it will go away.
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    I read a post from SSMarilyn on the FM/CFS Board the
    other day and she is trying Zinc for tinnitus problem she's

    She couldn't say if it has been helping as yet since, she
    has just recently started the Zinc.

    Just a thought...

    Best to You All!

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    I have tinnitus and Clogged ears. I beleive this is because of my TMJ. You see the tinnitus is the result of the prolonged and often times constant firing of neurons, in the jaw in my case. This is caused from the constant clenching of my left jaw, and muscles.
    I noticed you said that you were suffering with bad anxiety, and this stress could possibly be causing your muscles to tense up and as a result, the axon of the neuron won't stoop firing, and this is the ringing you hear. Also, some meds can make you have tremor or produce teeth clenching which could also explain this. My advice to rectify this problem would be to go to your dentist and have a splint made. This will probably help you jaw relax and ringing subside greatly.
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