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    my sister suffers from extreme fatigue..she has been to several doctors and they havent found the question is what type of supplements are effective in fighting extreme fatigue? She is so tired all the time and can barely get through the day at work..what supplement(s) should she try and at what doseages??thanks in advance for ur help
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    Quality sleep is one of our worst problems. The ZMA sold here help with sleep and pain. It works synergistically with any of our meds to help with sleep.

    Strangely, at first, ZMA may boost energy instead of producing sleepiness. In that case, one needs to start out taking it in the afternoon and gradually move it towards bedtime. Also, for women, the dose is two capsules. I recommend starting out with one in the beginning and working up to two.

    Love, Mikie
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    thanks for all the replies! anyone else??