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  1. YvonneM

    YvonneM New Member

    any one suffer weak knees ? any suggestions on what works? I am a play therapist for medically fragile babies, and it is hard to get up and down with these little ones.
  2. sues1

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    Bumping for someone to see that can help. Susan
  3. kat2002

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    I constantly deal with weak knees. The best thing I ever did was to get physical therapy. The therapist taught me exercises that I can do at home, plus gave me advice on a lot of good things, like better shoes to wear for my particular problem.

    Hope this is helpful,
  4. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic New Member

    Mine have been a problem since getting sick. I found that the more I excercise them the better they feel.

    I was given a list of excercises to do, but I only remember a few -

    Sit on the floor with one leg out in front. Tighten your outstretched leg. You should see your knee cap move. Do slowly and repeat several times. Then do the other knee.

    Also, going up and down stairs is good for strenghtening your knees.

    Slightly squating is good too.

    Hope this helps. xchocoholic
  5. Daisys

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    My knees were getting very weak and hurt a lot. I started using glucosamine and chondroitin and noticed a marked improvement. These supplements help rebuild the lining in the joint.

    Later I started taking Sam-E (for it's mood stablyzing effect) and it does the same thing. So I dropped the other 2. It's been a few years now that I can use my knees without the pain and weakness that I had before.

    Exercise is important, but if the problem is in the joint, it's too painful to exercise. So, if that's your case, maybe trying one of these joint supplements will help you.
  6. minkanyrose

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    helped me too. leave your feet on the floor at all times and rock gently do this will watching tv or reading side effects causes drosiness. knees feel better
  7. YvonneM

    YvonneM New Member

    thank you all for your suggestions especially likek Xchocoholic. I am in escrow selling a chocolate retail store... so I KNOW chocolate!
  8. rosemarie

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    I hate this weak knee's thing as I have had it forever. My knees have ached , burned, stung, had so much pressure inside them that the feel like my kneecaps are going to "POP" off. My knees creak worse than an old screen door and for some odd reason I just can't get that oil can in ot my knee's like the tin man did as when his knees went all funcky on him they just found the joint and squrited more oil in his knee's and the worked .

    So since I guess that you too are missing your oil can to fix your squeaky knees. I will give you the advise that my doctor's have given to me.


    THANKS FOR NOTHING, #1. Like I have the money for it and the Phyical therapy for after the surgery and believe me you need lots of PT and keep doing it to get a good recovery.
    #2. I don't want to have surgery any more. I get told that they{ the hospial pharmacy does not stock my pain meds and they will not give me the amount that my pain doctor has prescribed so I am to bring my own and then I get a fee for them counting them for me and telling me how many they used. LIKE I didn't know this?}

    I know that having my knees feel weak is a pain just as the pain in my knees makes me feel weak.
    I don't know what to do for it as I don't want surgery so I will just have to live with the weakness and pain.
    Wish I had something better to tell you .
  9. kriket

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    My knee cap on the right side slides out of place. It is very painful until I can get it back in. I told my rheumy about it and he said that I had patellar or "knee" disease.

    He said your knee caps just pop out of place. My knees do the awfulest crackling and popping, they hurt a lot. He just told me to wear a knee brace when active. Lately they have gotten worse.

  10. jessica0123

    jessica0123 New Member

    Oh If I dropped something or had to bend over and going to the restroom to sit on the toilet OOUCH! Now I am taking Cymbalta and the pain went away in a few days! I also tried Lyrica and that worked too. But now on 60 mg Cymbalta and knee oain all gone!