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  1. bobbycat

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    I am in alot of pain and sick as I feel really feverish etc. The pain is from the top of my left side of my head to the glands in my neck and I have blister on the top of the roof of my mouth by where that tooth is. My dentist is sending me to a Endo but could not get in until June 3 for consult and June 7 if indeed I do need a root canal like my dentist thinks I do. The xrays show infection going into my gums and a line leading to my sinus and the filling being drilled very close to the nerves (done by a different dentist). I am on my meds thank god and he put me on antibotics. I just wanted to know if any of you have had this done. I want to know what to expect and if I should do anything ahead of time and if there is anthing I can do now. I feel feverish, sick, don't what to eat, blisters on gum area by tooth, sinus, glands are swollen as well as in pain. Please advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    I was given a local anaesthetic injection for the root canal and an rx for some Valium to take beforehand for the first one - I have had three done now and whilst they are not pleasant, if you can tolerate the local anaesthetic, you will be OK. Regular tylenol should be enough to deal with post root canal pain or a stronger OTC painkiller (not sure what you have there as I'm in the UK) - do you have Ibuprofen? That did the trick for me - it hurt for a while but it was not "through the roof" pain.

    I'm concerned the infection is spreading up your sinuses though - can you call and make sure they can't fit you in as an emergency?

    Hope you feel better soon,

    Hugs Bunchy x
  3. bobbycat

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    No they could not fit me in and Monday's a holiday here. I am on pain killers and I am still in pain. The infection I am afraid is traveling. My fever comes and goes it just broke and I got the chills. If it is much worse I am going to try to get into my DR. Tue. Thank you for letting me know what you went through as it does help me alot to know that as one of my friends scared me to death. I am also on antibotics and which I hope will help with the sinus too. But I am afraid it is in my glands now
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    Oh you poor thing, tooth pain is some of THE worst pain EVER!!!!

    I've had a couple of experiences with root canals. The first was quite infected and I developed a huge abcess underneath my tongue (marble size, hard as a rock) I was scared to death that it was going to open up as the Dentist warned me that would not be good to have that in my mouth (GROSS I know) It eventually just went down w/antibiotics. That whole root canal scenario was a nightmare which needn't be shared..... last one - before I had it done I had some of the worst pain I can remember. I literally could not even sip water. I would hold a towel over my tooth so nothing would touch it but that wouldn't work. I was SO thirsty but would scream in pain that would go up to my eyeballs every time anything touched that tooth or area including AIR.
    Let me tell ya, as soon as the dentist got inside that tooth, I felt IMMEDIATE relief!!!

    The antiobiotics are good because infections in your mouth can travel right up to your brain etc., that part is taken care of - now you just have to get out of immediate pain, and get that tooth taken care of. I'm going to bet that on your June 3rd appt. the Endo will decide to do something for you. Sometimes they can just open the tooth (don't ask me for specifics)

    The root canal will be a piece of cake compared to what you're feeling now. A good dentist, especially an Endo can do root canals with little to no pain felt. The worst part for me was keeping my mouth open and I am one that is very sensitive to tooth pain and does not particularly care for dental visits!

    If you're nervous about the root canal, ask for something to take before hand (valium etc.) - someone will have to drive you home, their anesthesia will be good enough, but if you need the gas, get it! Afterwards, I had no pain at all, but since you had pain meds, you can always take those if necessary.

    **if you are feeling worse before your appt on the 3rd, call your dentist and have him see you again. I would think/hope that he has the skills to do something for you til the Endo can do something permanent.

    Hang in there! You're going to feel so much better as soon as you walk in there for the root canal! (just knowing you'll be out of pain soon!)

  5. TigerLilea

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    If your tooth infection is that bad, you need to get hit with a big whack of antibiotics on the first day and then a regular dose for about a week to knock out the infection. According to my dentist, it is better to have the root canal done AFTER you have knocked back the infection with antibiotics.

    I've been lucky that I have never had pain after having root canals done. Then again, I never had pain before either, that is why my teeth could get so infected without me knowing.

    One thing that works really well for tooth pain is heat. Do you have one of those rice bags that you can heat in the microwave? If not, soak a facecloth in really hot water, wring it out, and place that on your face over your infected tooth. I found that worked really well for me when I've had tooth aches.

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