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    I am so frustrated trying to get rid of white coating on my tongue. No patches-just overall white coating. Have tried acidph/bifidus, nystatin, mycelex, herbal antibiotics (which helped once but not now). These often make it worse. I have been eating a gluten free, dairy free, mostly surgar free, low carb diet for about 1 & 1/2 years. The problem persists and makes dental appointmts difficult due to gagging. I also get small yeast rashes on my skin when I get this tongue thing. Anyone have any ideas how to cure this problem?
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    Hi Ruby - It could be that it isn't candida that is the problem. Most people have short fibres on their tongue, therefore, food doesn't get trapped underneath the fibres. However, some people have long fibres on their tongue and food does get trapped under the fibres. This is what causes the whiteness. All you can do if you do have this problem is to be sure and brush your tongue or buy yourself a tongue scrapper.
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    I read from Dr William Crook's book on Yeasts that the Nystatin must be chewed, so that it can be effective in the entire 40 feet from tongue to [out].

    Swishing with colliodal silver and Grapefruit Seed Extract help me too. to look up the rashes.

    Gentian Violet is a very potent anti fungal, but it stains for about a week. I had "thrush" when I was 2 months old and the doc was very concerned, my entire mouth was swabbed with it. I don't use it in my mouth, but it works great for foot and nail fungal (yellow) problems. Non RX.
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    It does sound like yeast to me, because of the yeast rashes on your skin.

    Virgin coconut oil is very effective against yeast. It has caprylic and lauric acid which do the work.

    Take up to 2 tablespoons a day, but start slow. I took it some years ago for a recurrent yeast infection and it was very effective, but I had a very strong herx reaction - got extremely tired and yucky feeling, lasted several days. But it worked. So I'd start with a tablespoon at the most, see how you do and try to work up to 2 tablespoons a day.

    Also, keep taking the acidphilus. Don't stop if you get better. You probably need it all the time.

    Good luck!

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    Hi ruby

    First off, I'd REALLY suggest telling your doctor about this, and getting a week's dose of Diflucan, which can help beat it into submission. =) Diflucan is absorbed into the bloodstream and treats the candida systemically, unlike other things like Nystatin, etc., which only treat it in one place (like the oral cavity, or GI tract).

    Probiotics do very little when you're already having a candida problem. You need to kill the yeasts first, THEN take the probiotics so they can fill up the empty space left behind by the removed yeast: That space rightfully belongs to the probiotics so they can colonize. Then the candida can't overcrowd the bowel. Right now, the probiotics have no room to take up shop, so to speak.

    Oral candida overgrowth can be helped by brushing teeth after every meal and then opening a probiotic capsule onto the tongue; it tastes like milk.
    Also, saccharomyces boulardii is a beneficial yeast (classified as a probiotic) that you can take twice a day (two hours after antifungals, though!). It eats the candida and then travels through the digestive system to exit (so it doesn't colonize).

    And if taking anti-yeast herbals don't work, this is because candida very quickly develop resistance to them. Then only the strong ones are left! You have to take one or two (or even three) supplements at once, and then rotate them every five or so days. The candida doesn't have time to readapt. It does work.

    Olive leaf extract
    Oregano oil
    Candex (expensive)
    Coconut oil
    Caprylic acid (a major yeast-killing ingredient in the coconut oil)
    GrapeFRUIT Seed Extract

    These can all help. But because it's even on your skin, I'd start FIRST with the Diflucan, to give you some leverage.

    Good luck!


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