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  1. Well I am finally getting to the point where I need to quit work.I have managed for over 1 year to continue even though Half the time my mind is not with me.I want to know if there is any help from goverment agency's or charities that help with food,bills,or anything. RUthie
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    Hi Willruthie,

    Have you filed for Social Security Disability? If not and you think you will need it apply now as it seems to take forever to get it approved. Also, check with the Social or Human Services Division of your local government. I know in Virginia they have medical insurance, etc for people who meet their guidelines (as to your assets and income). Also, their are many charities out there. Look in the telephone book under charities. You may have to do alot of calling but it might really help especially until you get on something permanent like Social Security or another government program.

    I hope this helps.
    God Bless,
  3. I need to quit work first?I am waiting on income tax to do that,unless you know if I can apply ,I work about 20 hours a week and that has dropped drastically from years before I got sick. Ruthie
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    You should look for your local housing athority and put in an app for section 8 housing subsidy. You get on a higher priority list if you have a disability.

    You should contact the united way, you can also dial 211 now and it will connect you with services.

    I've had tremendous help working with vocational rehab. They help the disabled with work stuff, and if you get a good counselor they'll help with much more.

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