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    I had asked if stress factors effected FMS that much because I was placed on a regular dose of Oxycontin in July which never had to be adjusted and felt like a new woman. Since my husband left for the new war in Iraq two weeks ago, I haven't slept at all and I feel like I did before anything was ever given to me. I'm not a pill taker by choice but can stress make this much of a difference or is it simply tolerance? I see my pain therapist on Tuesday and I'm embarrassed to ask if it can be increased. I've gone back to the point of having pain in places I never knew I had, from my migraines and face pain with TMJ to the IBS is back and my shoulders, upper back, arms and especially my legs. It's all back and worse than ever. I'm getting scared, I have to admit. Please help.

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    He's usually not here on the weekends, so I'm bumping this for him.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Crystal,
    I take oxycontin. It has been very helpful. I have had to adjust my doses more than once. I usually take 2 40mg, along with one 150mg effexor when I get up and then take another 40mg oxy later in the day when needed. I can't seem to take any more than that. It makes me have a bad headache the 2 times I have tried. I also take something to help me sleep, sometimes xanax, which is also for stress and\or anxiety attacks. I am lucky to have a Dr that tries to really help people with FMS. I like my PA even better. I hate to take such a strong drug, but it really helps me.

    Unfortunately, I lost my job last month because of this disease and the economy and I don't think I am going to be able to afford to take the oxy anymore, because it is so expensive without insurance. The PA suggested Lorcet, which I have never tried for FMS, but have taken before and I am not sure it will work as good. I got all the oxy I could before my insurance went dead and have not made the switch yet.

    Anyway, my answer to you is that I believe stress can make it worse, as can weather and other things. Never should you be ashamed to ask for more meds. We all have to find the right combination that works for us.

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    Thanks to all you guys. I was really desparate and needed the reassurance. This website has been a Godsend to me and I pray daily for everyone to be able to fight this thing.

    Yesterday my doctor told me that he would get me sleeping again if it took a sledgehammer. He put me on low dose Doxepin and low dose Klonopin with a magnesium supplement like Dr. Cheney recommends in his article on the subject.

    I slept like a rock for 12 hours straight and felt much improved this morning. I know it's a quick fix, but after being awake for over 5 straight days, it was such a relief!! Don't know if it was the meds or the threat of a sledgehammer that did the trick, but it worked and we have been working on this problem for months with me trying one antidepressant or benzodiazepine after another. I'm still upset that my husband may be overseas for the next two years, but at least I might be able to cope with it now. I really don't want to stay on the meds any longer than necessary, but if that's what it takes, so be it. I'm losing enough brain cells just getting older. I didn't need any more help from insomnia.

    Now to just cross my fingers for it to keep on working. I believe in the power of positive thinking. My body just doesn't.

    Love to all,
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    Youall are so dear.

    Madwolf: I think one of my sons said something about "rocking me to sleep" too. I'm just glad it didn't come to that although I was beginning to think of it as a viable option. NOT! You're very sweet. Yes, being a Navy wife is hard, but I'm a stubborn woman. He's been in for 29 years now so I have to be to survive. But I love him dearly and he is my biggest supporter through this whole mess. But if I can be put to sleep, I really think that there is some validity to Dr. Cheney's theory. By the way, my pain management specialist is a psychiatrist (35+ years now) and was doing "pain management" before there was such a term. But he's very good to work with and is very open to suggestions. He knows that I'm a nurse and usually have read everything I can find about whatever request before I make it so he knows I'm fairly well informed and not doing things just because "the doctor told me to". You seem to have those qualities also plus you both have the most important quality. You care.

    To nink: We live in the Houston area, a very non-military town so there are no wive's groups that I am aware of. It makes it rough especially since he's only been home two years out of the last eight. But I'm a tough old broad and a survivor, so I plan on beating this thing somehow. Youall have been so supportive and that goes a long way, just having someone to "talk" to.

    Thanks with love and prayers to all of you,