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    I have started something "new". This week I have rolled out of bed THREE TIMES (3 different nights) flat onto a hardwood floor.I would awake to me falling. I ACHE from it.

    Last night I was coming out of sleep and thinking "I hurt", as I turned and rolled off my bed! So I assume I am doing this in part because I am needing to move due to discomfort.

    My DH says I moan and groan in my sleep. Because I do not sleep right and up and down or plain not able to sleep, and my DH has sleep apenea, we have seperate bedrooms. Plus my old bedroom was upstairs and I fell a few times on the steps. Also DH can have Temp. his way.All works well.

    I got a new bed at this point, pillow top kind, pillow top on both sides so it can be rotated. It is a few yrs. old now. When it was delivered I saw it was to high for me. I am 60 inches tall and it was higher than my waist ht. So they exchanged the box springs for a low profile type, much thinner. But it is still 31 inches tall. BUT I had added a Cuddle Ewe and also a 4 inch foam mattress topper. It is still lower than it was originally. But it is not easy getting in and out, but the two added items add to my comfort very much.

    My sister in law says she will bring over railing she had at the house for when her grandkids were younger. My DH wants to install a seat belt. I am told to take one of my couches cushions and lay by the bed, or toss a lot of pillows on the floor. Or to put mattresses on floor so I do not have far to fall.......Otherwise I get laughter.......!

    Any suggestions? Being the bed is tall is not cause for me to fall out of bed but I find it uncomfortable to scoot to far across the bed. But tonight I will try that or sleep on a couch!
    Today as been a Ben Gay and heating pad day. I do not think I really did damage to myself. We just are not the type to take such well.

    Any suggestions? Any and all comments appreciated!

    Blessings to all...................Susan
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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Nice to hear from you again.

    I certainly hope this new form of bungee jumping isn't going to become a regular thing. I can't think of any suggestions you haven't mentioned (except silly ones like get an anchor).

    Some kind of cushion on the floor sounds like the best idea to me.

    Ever see Tosca? At the end of the opera the soprano kills herself by jumping from the roof of the castle. It is said that a famous soprano demanded extra mattresses to make the feat less uncomfortable. Then bounced up and down to the amazement and amusement of the audience.

    Funny story, but I doubt it's true.

    I fell outta bed several years ago. Gordon woke up and said, "One turn to many, Sonja." Then went back to sleep.

    In my befuddled state, I didn't know what he was talking about. The reference, of course, was to Sonja Henie.

    I suppose if your problem doesn't go away, you'll have to check w/ the dr. Inner ear problem maybe?

    Is pillow top a style or a brand name? What rotates?

    Keep us informed.

  3. sues1

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    I was hoping to get a response from you.......

    Bungee jumping! I really did laugh out loud. Good for my soul.

    I love opera music but never have been to one. That mattress feat I would of loved to of seen. Love that.

    By rotate, I mean the bottom and top both have the pillow top. Some only have the pillow top on one side. Of course I always have a pillow bottom also? Tee Hee. It was a good one, but I do not remember the brand.

    I recently had a bone scan. I was weighted and I was measured also to see how tall I was. I asked the lady as she had me lay on the table to run the tests......she said I was 48 inches tall! I said nothing then as she was adjusting things and I did not wish to confuse her more.

    Afterwards I asked if she actually said 48 inches. She checked and said "Yes, that is how tall you are". I said that "yes, I am short but I am not a dwarf and I would be walking inside my pants if I was 4 ft. tall." She then remeasured me and then had me tun so I was facing the measuring devise (Why?) and she said "it says you are 48 inches tall"......and she seemed satisfied with it and left it that way on my charts. I saw it too and told her something was wrong or is this the way they measure for this test? She shrugged and siad "It says you are 48 inches tall and it will be charted that way" and walked out.

    I had to see my regular MD a day later and asked them to see how tall I was. They said 60 inches! I said "Praise the Lord, it is a miracle......I grew a whole foot in one day".

    But at my age and all i have been though, it is hard to understand why I am not getting shorter. I have been this tall "forever". My friends and family close to my age are getting shorter.

    Also my bone scan was a good one. But I sure hope she did it right! LOL.
    I am glad you gave a last name to Sonja or I would not of got that one. Gordon must have a good sense of humor also.

    Thanks for the laughs.......Blessing friend..............Susan
  4. AnneTheresa

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    The next time you bed shop, you may want to consider purchasing an adjustable bed. I have one and I just love it! With the touch of a button (remote) I can adjust the top and/or bottom of the bed all the way from flat to a full-out sitting position.

    During the night, as I begin to hurt from being in one position for too long, I just have to push a button to move myself into a more comfortable position. (I do this at the first sign of discomfort, I don't even have to be wide-awake). Not to mention, how wonderful & comfy it is to read, watch TV etc., This bed is terrific! I'd highly recommend it for fibro-folks!

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  5. Chrisnufc1892

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    Hi. I'm an OT assistant and have come across this problem before with clients. The suggestion of a mattress on the floor is a good one, and one used often. Another option is to take the base of your bed away so you are lower to the ground, hence not as far to fall if it happens again. The one thing I would say no to is the bed rail. They can be very difficult for someone actually in the bed to remove to enable you to get out of it, so unless you have someone who will put it up and down for you I would stay away from it. After all if it were easily taken down by the person in the bed, our children wouldn't be safe with them would they. They are little Houdidi's at the best of times. lol

    Good luck.

    Chris x
  6. victoria

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    you guys are too funny. -- Did Gordon REALLY say that??? And I realllly hope that opera story IS true, hehe - weirder things have happened!

    One suggestion might be to push your bed against the wall so it would provide a natural barrier; IF you're able to crawl up from the base of the bed.

    I'm only 1 & 3/4" taller than you, so I sympathize, beds have gotten so much higher. So has bedroom furniture, I've felt like I was 8 yo again walking thru furniture stores with dressers that were at least 45" high - could barely see myself in the mirror! And I haven't eaten any Mushrooms lately either! (remember Alice?)

    I think putting it directly on the floor is an excellent idea - or having a low box frame made for it to lay in, altho imho that collects dust - you could also have a base to put it on that could only be a few inches too.

    BTW, since my doc was good about checking for osteoporosis/penia, they measured me everytime I walked in. I always asked what they're writing down, because 1X they shorted me by 1/4". That's a lot when you're only our height!

    I asked to be re-measured, and sure enough, it was her mistake! That is so important to check on, or they'll be making you out to be shrinking when you're not!

    Hope you find a solution!

    all the best,

  7. rockgor

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    Yup, he really said that. The amazing thing to me was that he woke up and said it so fast. Usually takes me a certain period of grogginess before I am compos mentos.

    He says lots of funny things. Now, to make this statement convincing, I should list several. But, as the lady said in the book of essays I'm reading, the only thing I retain nowadays is water.

    Anyway, I just e mailed him at his office. Told him I made Jello and dropped big hunk on the floor. Last few years I've been getting so clumsy; my sense of balance is failing.

    He wrote back and said, Take off those heels. Go back to flats.

    Always can count on him for helpful advice.

    Here's a story that's sort of the opposite of 48 inches. The head nurse at Midway Hospital here in LA told me she was going around one night getting consent forms signed.

    She said to the elderly patient, "Oh, wait. I'll be right back. I need to get this form changed. It says "RIGHT leg". He said, "Well, if that's what the doctor says, it must be right."


  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    are you sure you weren't a professional comedian, or a comedy writer? Cuz if not, you AND Gordon missed your callings! The 2 of you would've made a great pair....

    Hmmm, you could still maybe do a combo thing like George Burns and Grace, at least on a part-time scale? and entertain people at nursing homes. And if you flubbed a line, they'd certainly understand... you sure seem to come up with 'savers', at least in writing. Actually you could work a 'cheat sheet' into a routine.

    And you could likely do it just when you were up to it...

    I'm not really kidding, a friend of mine put together an improv group and did that for a while at all sorts of places, people at retirement and nursing homes were SO grateful for good entertainment/comedy, and live at that!

    Something infectious about being 'live'!

    And being alive!

    all the best,

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  9. sues1

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    I started to post a couple of days ago, on this thread, and lost my connection and could not get back on.

    Rock. I tried the Bungee cord and it put me right back into bed, but it is hard to get the cord right so it does not cut in. I like Victoria's suggestion that you and Gordon go out and cheer up ones in nursing homes and such. You do not have to be professional, just caring and human. That fits you.

    Everyone's suggestions and comments were appreciated. I am sleeping further over on my bed. I also discovered that my two mattress padding,,,,,scoots with me in time and makes a false ledge (sticks out) and with the very deep pocket sheets, it appears not to be this way on the side. I got my pads (Cuddle Ewe and 4 in foam toppers)all fluffed, and mattress rotated. So it is good for now. As I roll over on my tummy and scoot until my feet touches the floor, the toppers has to go with me in time. I had someone do all of this for me, I just can not.

    IF I have any further problems, I will ask DH to make me a base for the mattresses to sit on. He could stain the wood on it to match the rest of the furniture, I do not think it would look bad. I like that idea.

    Again Love and Hugs to all..........Susan

    PS.....whenever I knock a pillow off my bed during the night, our little Jack Russell(a Runt, so is little),gets it and drags it under my bed and lays on it! You can not tell as I have a dust ruffle. My pillows were disappearing until I found them while cleaning..........LOL

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