Help, gift ideas for teenage boys

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by boltchik, Dec 8, 2006.

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    I have a 15 yr. old stepson. All he seems to have on his list for Christmas are videogames. I would love some other ideas. He probably wouldn't use gift cards because he does not like to shop. My little ones are so much easier to shop for. I usually know just what to get him, but this is a hard age. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kim :)
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    Yup, it's hard. Mine is 18 and I'm at a loss.

    Few ideas,

    DVD Player
    Portable DVD Player
    Video Games
    Digital Camera
    DVD Movies
    DVD Sitcom Series (mine likes Nip/Tuck, daughter liked Sex & the City, Series)
    Big Hoodie (Sweatshirt with hood)
    Winter Sports Equipment, skis, hockey skates, wrestling gear, etc.
    Hiking gear
    Camping gear
    Weight set
    Lift tickets, for snow tube park, or ski center
    Magazine Subscription
    Guitar, or keyboard
    Movie tickets
    Bowling coupons
    Cell Phone
    Cell Phone Minutes

    I'm done.
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    Great ideas! I think he will like movie tickets and ski lift tickets (or snowboarding tickets). I will ask him if there is a magazine subscription he would like. He loves his Ipod and guitar, so maybe a magazine relating to music. Very helpful, thanks!! Kim :)
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    video game and On-line gaming magazines - they have whole magazines devoted to solving the puzzle to his favorite games
    Paintball Gun
    Paintball Gear
    Hopechest items for boys - Give him one item, each birthday, holiday, to put away for when he moves out on his own.

    Man towels
    Tire lug
    Jumper cables
    Power tool, sabre saw, battery operated screwdriver
    Alan Wrench Set
    George Foreman Grill
    wall tapestry

    Each year I go to our local "head shop". They have cool stuff for young people,

    earthy t-shirts
    tie-dye stuff
    thick chunky mittens/gloves
    cool quarts like bookends
    amazing tote bags
    far-out union suits for men
    bedroom decor, like hanging beads, posters, crazy lamps

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    Hi prickles! I checked out that website, they have some cool things, thanks!! Hope you are enjoying your day! Kim :)

    livinlife-funny you should mention 20Q. Love that game, it is addicting and a bit spooky at times! My 8 yr. old got one as a gift. We get it out all the time. The hooded sweatshirt idea is good, he loves those. I think I will get a hat or two with his favorite brand on them. Thanks for the ideas, he could definitely use some sheet music for his guitar. Have a fun day! Kim :)
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    Love the idea about getting them things to use when they are going to be on their own. That time is not too far off! Thanks again, Kim :)