HELP Good Pain and primary care doctors in Colorado

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chopindog, Feb 20, 2006.

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    My mom is in Loveland colorado. She is Very sick and has had a horrible time with her doctors. She is in horrible pain and has also had two strokes and some brain injury do to septic shock and subsaquent ventilation and Respiratory distress syndrome. She has spondylitis L5-S1 with paracentral disc etrusion with nerve involvement.

    She has been very mistreated by her doctors. Her pain doctor is in fortcollins. They have given her several cortisone injections in her back over the last few months. It was only helpfull pne time. The nurse practitioner who does the pain meds was horrible to her. She started her on 25 mcg fentenal patch in september and she has refused to increase the dose or give breakthrough pain meds. My mom cries daily because of the pain and worry about being in this pain forever.

    Two weeks ago her PCP suddenly took her off all of her psych and pain meds and relaced them with haldol a vicoden, some of you may remember the post. My mom and I have both gone through hell since then. I called the Dr and told him that I and her psychiatrist did not agree with what he did, he acted like a five year old about it.

    Last straw! My mom went to her PCP last tues. and he yelled at her! Told her that everyone was mad at him because of her, He fired her pain docotor and told her, "go ahead and fire me to if you want, it would be doing me a big favor." He told her that I, her daughter, was sick and because of her I am sicker because of the stress she causes. REPEAT my poor mom has brain damage, and psych problems.The strokes have left her with the mentality of a 7 year old in stressfull situations.

    She didn't tell me anything about this untill last night. She has been acting very weird all week and would barely talk to me. Well it was because her doctor upset her so much that she didn't want to hurt and bother me anymore. It has been a nightmare.

    So I really need to find her new doctors. So I am hoping someone on the board knows of good doctors in her area. She lives near fortcollins, But if she has to she could get up to boulder or as far as Thorton. Please if you live there and have a good dr, and know of good pain doctors please let me know.
    Thanks, Joy
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    Sorry, I wrote this whole post and then checked my profile. I already asked about good doctors in colorado the other day. I honestly do not remember posting it! Talk about brainfog, that is just plain scary!

    PVLADY, if you see this post, I want to thank you so much for the info you gave on my other post. I will call those people tomorow.Some of them look very promosing, thank you soooo much!

    If anyone elso Knows of other doctors please let me know. Sorry for about the brainfog! Well atleast I was able to vent my frustration with my moms doctors. It is heartbreaking!

    Joy brainfog Hoel
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    I went to a doctor in Boulder after my car accident when I lived in Loveland. It's a bit of a drive but was worth it. His name is Daniel Gerber - he's an MD (physiatrist), very compassionate and I'm sure would be willing to help her. Perhaps his office could even recommend someone in Loveland/Fort Collins.


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