Help! GP & Rhuemy (seen 3 times in 8 years) have done NOTHING for me!

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    I am so losing hope in all the docs I have seen. Other than having psych help me with sleep drugs and occasional pain meds, my docs have done "ABSOLUTELY nothing for me. I see posts here with people seeing doctors that use this or that "protocol" and different therapies. I have had NO help at all with any docs i have seen. I have researched myself RE: supplements and vitamins, went to an alternative clinic for a while (requires big bucks and your firstborn!) and read up on all I can. I have just started acupuncture (but now am too weak to even get into the clinic). I have been at the mercy of western medicine for all these years and really, I have had some small remissions of sorts that I dont have any clue what prompted. I can tell you for sure they had nothing to do with any doctor involvement..

    I am just most General Practitioners or at least the Rhuematologist (are they not supposed to specialize in this CFS/FM?) you see actually have a game plan or keep up with new tx? What have they offered you? Do you have to do most of the work and digging and push this in their face before they try anything? Is it just that they pass you off to avoid expensive treatments or help for you and save my HMO money?

    I am looking for help or advice on how to encourage, beg, or even manhandle:)) ) these PEOPLE that are supposed to be specialists to actually do something to help!

    A bit testy after an ER visit and doc said "I think you have some anxiety/depression to deal with". I am so ticked...have been in bed for most of last 6 weeks and losing ground fast. I am so weak with fatigue I shake when I get up to stand. Yes I am anxious!
    I think the Wisconsin winters have made these docs COLD as ice and mine could care less. My GP left to go out of the country for over a month and we never even got notice! Tjhat just takes the cake!
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    I will not complain about the weather here in Ohio, but let me just say, it's probably the reason I'm still up...ouch!

    Have you ever been referred to a neurologist or a pysiatrist? I didn't find the rheumies I'd seen too helpful, other than for arthritis. The pysiatrist specializes in PHYSICAL pain, anything from injuries to cancer pain to FM, etc. They help distinguish the type of pain you're having. I highly suggest you look into that if you have one in your area! They can send you to a pain doctor, neurologist, or even physical therapy. Mine is great-- didn't pooh pooh my pain at all!

    I see a neurologist every six months, have a pain doctor that I see every three months and the GP I'm supposed to see every month but I haven't kept up.

    I'm so sorry to hear how "sorry" your docs are! My GP moved and I haven't found a decent one since and sort of gave up. For as many rotten docs out there, I have had some decent, caring ones as well.

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