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    well i am not much better .i went and saw a surgeon today .my family doc thought he might want to to exploritory surgery to see what is still causing all the pain. he did not want to do it right now cuz all my test are coming back neg. but if it gets worse to call him and he will meet me at the hospital.i go for a scope mon on stomach . he wanted that done i think before he did the exploe thing. i still feel sick to my stomach and the pain is still in the middle of stomach and on the right low side. they thought i had bladder infec. but now i don't. i sure would like to know why i pee and get up and feel like i need to go right back .i am trying not to stay upset and worried but this has been going on for over a week . does anyone else have problems like this ? i sure would like to know. now it is even feeling like you are squeezing my ribs into. please do not stop PRAYING for me . thanks for all your hugs you sent my way..

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    Hi Colette

    I can't tell you not to worry,but hope I can at least decrease the level of worrying by saying I have exactly the same problems. I spoke to my GP and he explained that the stomach/ bladder / heart can be affected. I keep thinking I have appendicitis because the pain can be quite acute.On bad days my bladder never feels empty and my stomach either makes me feel sick or like I have ulcers etc.At present I have shortness of breath and pain in my lungs when walking any distance with pain and heart flutters that have panicked me on more than one occasion.

    I have started to come to the conclusion that I need to change some of my diet, and am looking directly at dairy products at the moment,because I note that some of my problems do seem to come from either eggs or milk.

    The way I get over my bladder problem is to involve myself in something totally absorbing so that I switch off from the messages,telephone call to a friend,jigsaw puzzle,etc.

    I don't think we should ignore the pain and I keep a journal so that my GP can glance at it.
    When in doubt discuss with GP. Hope you feel better soon.
    Hugs and thinking of you
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    I read your bio and saw you are from TN...what part? I live in middle TN. I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I have never had the stomach pain but I do have pain in my ribs sometimes. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you will soon feel better.